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Did you know that March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada? This initiative is held annually by the government’s Competition Bureau, with the goal of spreading the word on emerging scams, and educating Canadians on protection. The problem? No one likes to admit they’ve been a victim – even though nearly half of us (46%) have encountered a financial scam of some kind, according to our recent #RSMWIN poll.

In the spirit of preventing fraud, we’ve rounded up the top 3 scams to watch out for, and how to protect yourself. Check out our coverage below, along with the rest of the week’s headlines.

Fraud Prevention Month Spotlight: Top 3 Scams

The fraud landscape is evolving – scammers are always looking for the next new way to part Canadians with their hard earned cash. Today’s fraud methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and are targeting social media users.

Here are the top 3 frauds to watch out for this year, according to The Little Black Book of Scams.

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How I Used Lump Sums To Pay Off My Mortgage

Not only is Money Wise writer Sean Cooper a homeowner at age 30 – not a small feat with today’s market conditions – but he’s well on his way to having his mortgage completely paid off!

How did he do it? Read on for his mortgage payment plan, and the lifestyle changes he made to amp up his equity – fast.

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Save Big With Credit Card Rewards Calculators

Carrying a credit card full of fees and high interest charges? You might as well be throwing your money away! We found that switching to a market leading low interest or cash back option can save consumers over $1,000. Not sure how your current credit card stacks up? Check out our handy new Credit Card Rewards Calculators to see just how much you could be saving and earning.

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The top finance headlines this week…

Big News For Canada’s Auto Industry

There’s been some big news for Canada’s auto industry this week, as Chrysler announces it will keep plants open, and Ottawa signs a South Korean trade deal. Could this translate to cheaper car prices on sale lots?

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The Smartest Way To File Taxes: 4 Tips

With RRSP season come and gone, it’s now time to focus on filing your taxes. Many Canadians find this to be a pain – but it doesn’t have to be. See how you can get the most out of your refund and tax credits – you may even grow to love tax season!

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The Cost of March Break? $2,328

Want to take flight for a sunnier spot? A recent CIBC poll finds the cost of March Break to total $2,328. Here’s how to stretch your travel dollars with planning and rewards points.

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 #RSMWIN Results!

This week, we asked the Twitterverse:


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Do you think housing prices are overvalued in Canada?

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The Millennial Shopping Advantage: Retailers know Gen Y is a social media savvy group, and are responding with special deals available via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Here’s how you can access these online-only codes and save a bundle at the mall… just like a Millenial. Via Chelsea Krost

The ROI Of Happiness: A University of London study has assigned a dollar amount to various life events – for example, meeting with friends and relatives once or twice a month yields an average value of $104,510. Via Golden Girl Finance

February Construction Build Up: The CMHC reports that housing starts (new construction projects in Canada) trended higher than expected in February at 192,094 – but economists still think the market will cool this year. Via The Financial Post

The True Cost Of Aging and Healthcare: Canada’s healthcare costs look to sky rocket as baby boomers get older. In fact, spending was forecasted to hit $211 billion in 2013. Via Boomer and Echo


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