Organize Your Spending With These Great Financial Apps

Your phone can answer your questions in the amount of time it takes you to type it in or, quite literally, ask it. It wakes you up in the morning, tells you the weather, and keeps you connected. It can even pay for your morning coffee. But, if you can pay with your phone in an instant, you had better be able to track those purchases just as quickly. This mindless spending could create bad financial habits.

Here are five financial apps that can help you organize your spending and capitalize on your rewards.


When you download the free KOHO app you can sign up for a Personal or Joint spending account. KOHO works like a debit card, but is accepted everywhere Visa is, allowing you to stick to your goals and never pay interest.

KOHO allows users to preload their budget, automate savings, set goals, and track spending. KOHO rewards users with 0.5 percent cashback on all purchases, up to 12.5 percent cashback when referring friends and family, and can help you save with RoundUps.

RoundUps can be set to the nearest $1, $2, $5 or $10. For example, if you buy something for $9.60, $0.40c is kicked into your savings account. If you set your RoundUp to $10, and buy something for $3.65, then $6.35 is put into your savings account.

You can even set up Payroll Direct with your employer, pay bills, set up pre-authorized debits, and send free e-transfers through the app.


The OFX app is free to download and provides real-time rates for both Canadian and global currencies. It is regulated by the Financial Transaction and Report Analysis Centre of Canada and offers fast, and secure money transfers.

If you need a quick cash infusion when travelling, you can search for agencies, banks, and local shops, for the best exchange rate. The OFX Currency Converter even has a handy calculator feature that is great for helping you make price-tag comparisons when shopping.


There is no need to switch your bank or credit card company to start earning more rewards. Link your current debit and credit cards to Drop, and start receiving points on eligible purchases you are already making every day.

Extra incentives and offers can be viewed when shopping directly through the app. When you have accumulated at least 5,000 Drop points, the equivalent of $5.00, you can redeem them for gift cards from hundreds of brands. The best part is that you don’t have to stick to brand loyalty when redeeming your rewards. This means you can cash in your Drop points with any brand you are eligible for, even if you haven’t directly earned points on purchases through them.


If linking your financial information to a rewards card is not your cup of tea, download the Stocard app to keep all your loyalty cards in one place. This app allows you digitize your loyalty cards and unclutter your wallet. You can also view offers and catalogues that are tailored to your rewards programs.

HomeBudget with Sync

The HomeBudget app allows you to track your expenses, bill payments, income, budgets and accounts. Although this app is not free, the price varies by device/provider, it is worth the fee.


The app supports a variety of spending and investment accounts. As you track expenses, your accounts will accurately reflect new balances, and totals. Money can be transferred between accounts, and reoccurring payments can be set up.


HomeBudget allows you to create sub categories within a budget. For example, under the category Utilities, you may create a sub category for Hydro, Internet, and Water. Each budget can be set as variable, fixed or discretionary, and there is an option for budget rollover.


Under the Reports tab, your spending trends can be broken down by expense, budget, and income over the past month or year, and can be exported.

Family Sync

The app is highly organized, and features Family Sync for tracking the household budget across multiple platforms.

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