Out With The Old, In With The New… Mortgage Rates?

New Mortgage Rates

Last week saw a shakeup in the Canadian finance scene, as former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty took leave of his post. He has since been replaced by Conservative Toronto MP Joe Oliver – and the mortgage industry is holding its breath to see if he’ll follow in Flaherty’s policy tightening footsteps.

Since then, BMO has brought back their 2.99% mortgage, which Flaherty famously criticized last year. Be sure to check out our coverage, especially if you plan on being a home buyer this spring.


The BMO 2.99 Mortgage Rate Is Back!

BMO’s special 2.99 5-year fixed mortgage – touted as the rate that sparked a million mortgage rate wars – has returned in time for this year’s spring buying season. Will this recent rate cut set off a chain reaction of discounted rates among other lenders? Can buyers expect the low-rate environment to stick around? Read on to find out.

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11 Audit Triggers You Could Be Guilty Of

Being audited sounds as pleasant as having your teeth pulled, but it’s a common part of the CRA’s tax process – and is bound to happen to you at least once. While audits are often due to high-risk claims, common tax mistakes can also prompt the CRA’s hairy eyeball. Here are the top triggers you should avoid making.

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Canadian Inflation Rate Drops

The Canadian inflation rate saw little growth over the winter, with the latest Stats Can report finding it actually dropped in February. Does this mean interest rates will stay put for longer? CIBC Chief Economist Avery Shenfeld explains the potential impact on our economy.

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Ontario Debt Twice As High As California’s

A new study finds Ontario debt is twice has high as California’s! What does this mean for the province, and taxpayers?

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LIBOR and CDOR Scandal: What Investors Should Know

LIBOR and CDOR are methods used to set interest rate prices in England and Canada – but the practice has been under fire lately, as scandal surrounds British interest rate rigging. Could this affect your investments?

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