The Housing Market: Off-Season Secrets

Off Season Housing Market Secrets

The holidays have come and gone, and now we face three long months of Great Canadian Winter.

But that doesn’t mean our housing market has undergone a deep freeze; brokers and lenders continue to introduce rates so hot they rival peak-season summer pricing. Get the full story from our monthly expert panel below.

Meanwhile, house hunters battle the slush and salt in search of that dream home – and smart sellers know the off season presents great opportunity. Read on for our top tips.

7 Winter Open House Tips

Trying to sell a home during the off season presents many pros and cons – buyers tend to be more serious about making a purchase, but it can be tough to show off your property from under a foot of snow.

Help your home shine despite the season with these top winter open house tricks.

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Housing Headlines: The Jury is Out

Welcome to this year’s first edition of Housing Headlines – a weekly roundup and breakdown of the top mortgage market news. This week, cracks form in the once-confidence consensus that rates will certainly rise in 2015  as sliding oil and resulting inflation lags prompt experts to revise their forecasts.

Read on for the full story.

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Ring In 2015 With Last Year’s Record Low Mortgage Rates

The new year is upon us, but 2014’s mortgage rate pricing remains frozen at record lows, according to’s expert Mortgage Rate Outlook Panel. Want to know what’s in store for fixed and variable mortgage rates? Read on to see if it’s a great time to buy, renew or refinance.

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In Personal Finance: Debt Resolutions 2015: Canadians Want to Pay it Off

A CIBC poll finds paying off debt remains the top priority for Canadians, who named it the number one New Year’s resolution of 2015. Here’s how to make your debt-free dream a reality this year.

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In Savings: Surviving on Minimum Wage: How I Did It

Surviving on minimum wage is never easy, and is a stark reality for many newcomers to Canada. Pracheer Saran shares how he managed to make ends meet – and even save – all while working for $11 an hour.

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