Nominees for the 2016 Best of Finance Awards

RateSupermarket_BestOfFinance_logo_600x200_v3’s annual awards recognizes the best of the best in Canada’s personal finance industry

Here at, we’re always working to help Canadian consumers decide which credit cards, bank accounts and investment types fit their lifestyle and budget. And each year, we host the Best of Finance Awards, to not only recognize some of the top products in the personal finance industry, but also to help you – the consumer – find your best match.

In selecting the nominees for the 2016 Best of Finance Awards, we took various factors into consideration, such as points, miles and interest and converted all figures into cash to see which products keep – or put – the most money in your wallet. Each category contains two to three nominees, all of which we found performed exceptionally well for the Canadian consumer.

And now, we present the full list of categories and nominees, all in alphabetical order. The winners will be announced in late November.

Credit cards

Best Credit Card for Building Credit:

Best Cash Back Credit Card – Fee:

Best Cash Back Credit Card – No Fee:

Best Gas Rewards Credit Card:

Best Grocery Rewards Credit Card:

Best Low Balance Transfer Credit Card:

Best Low Interest Credit Card:

Best Specialty Rewards Credit Card:

Best Student Credit Card:

Best Travel Rewards Credit Card – Fee:

Best Travel Rewards Credit Card – No Fee:

Best Travel Rewards Credit Card – Specialty:

Banking products

Best Chequing Account – Low Balance:

Best GIC – 5-Year Cashable – Non-Registered:

  • BMO
  • ICICI Bank Canada
  • Royal Bank

Best GIC – 5-Year Cashable – Registered:

  • BMO
  • ICICI Bank Canada

Best GIC – 5-Year Cashable – TFSA’s:

  • Canadian Direct Financial
  • ICICI Bank Canada
  • State Bank of India

Best GIC – 5-Year Non-Cashable:

  • Implicity Financial
  • MAXA Financial
  • Oaken Financial

Best Savings Account with $5,000 Balance:

Best Savings Account with No Minimum Balance:

If you’re looking to check out or sign up for any of these products, visit our credit cards, banking and investing pages today!

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