New Year, New Wealth!

Your wealth management plan for a successful 2013January 4, 2013

It’s a brand new year – but is your money management plan more of the same old? This year, make a resolution to improve your financial standing – and actually keep it with the help of our tips!

Kick those bad credit card habits to the curb, rev up those savings and get those goals in gear – it’s time for your most prosperous year yet!

2013 Financial Plan: Your Best Year Yet

Wish you had more money in the bank? Start 2013 on the right financial foot with our five foolproof steps to better money management.

Whether you’re looking to slash debt, track spending or amp up your investments, read on to perfect those money priorities.

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New Year Saving Strategy

We know you’ve heard it all before – Canadians are coming up short these days in the savings department. What better time than the new year to put an effective savings plan back on the radar?

Stop living pay cheque to pay cheque, sock away for school or retirement, or be prepared for any emergency – our tips will show you how!

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7 Credit Card Mistakes to Correct for 2013

It’s time to confess – are you guilty of these seven credit card sins? It’s time to break the cycle of bad borrowing behaviour – and free yourself from unmanageable credit card debt once and for all. Read on to clean up your act.

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And in the news this week…

Canadian Mortgage Market 2013: Everything in Moderation

Last year, the Canadian mortgage market experienced more ups and downs than a roller coaster. However, activity is expected to moderate into the new year – good news as a market crash seems increasingly improbable.

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Canadians Are Confident in 2013 Financial Standing

A recent poll by CIBC shows Canadians are feeling increasingly positive about their financial standing for the new year – and are looking to put a plan into action to increase their wealth.

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PS: It’s almost time to unveil our Best of Finance winners, including your Consumers’ Choice picks. Be sure to check out Money Wise on January 7 for results.


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