A New Round of Rate Cuts

A new round of rate cuts

Mortgage rates just keep making headlines this spring, as lenders cut their offerings even lower to attract warm-weather buyers. Despite skyrocketing home prices in Canada’s biggest markets, it’s still a great time to be a mortgage buyer. Check out our coverage of this week’s action below.

In other news, a recent study found nearly 40% of younger banking customers would be willing to switch to an online only bank. But don’t wave goodbye to the branch just yet; our own poll found customers are decidedly split. Read on to learn more!

June Mortgage Rate Wars – Just Heating Up?

Canada’s housing market is really starting to sizzle – this week, we saw yet another big bank drop their five-year fixed rate to sub-2.99 per cent! The good news – our expert panel believes these super-competitive lender conditions will stick around throughout the summer! Check out this month’s edition of the Mortgage Rate Outlook Panel to see what’s in store for fixed and variable mortgage rates.

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The Best Free Summer Concerts Hosted by Banks

You likely don’t consider banking to be part of your fun summer plans – but did you know Canada’s big 5 will be turning up the heat with a variety of concerts, events and giveaways? We’ve rounded up the best (and mostly) free music events and festivals this year – all sponsored by lenders. Don’t miss our lineup!

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How To Teach Charitable Giving To Your Kids

It’s important to foster a sense of charity and giving in kids – especially as they’re surrounded by messages of consumerism and the value of “stuff”. Guest poster and pro mom blogger Désirée Fawn of SoFawned.com shares how she encourages the charitable spirit within her own family.

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Bank of Canada June 4 Announcement: No Change to Rates

There’s no change once again for central rates, as the economy shows weaker-than-expected performance in the first part of the year. What does this mean for debt payers and investors?

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Young Canadians 40% More Likely to Switch to Online Branchless Bank

Would YOU switch to an online branchless bank? Younger Canadians are almost half as likely to ditch the face-to-face banking experience in exchange for convenience – and are also more willing to bank with non-traditional lenders such as media and telecomm companies.

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Yes – You DO Need a Condo Home Inspection

An advantage to condo living is all maintenance and repairs are handled by the board, and included in your condo fees… right? Turns out, owners could be on the hook for certain fixes – meaning it’s just as important to invest in a home inspection when making your condo purchase.

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4 Essential Mortgage Features to Ask For

Buying a home? Savvy mortgage shoppers know comparing the market for the best rate is a great way to score a better deal on home financing. But a truly great rate includes more than just the cheapest pricing. Check out these essential mortgage features – and ask for them by name.

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 #RSMWIN Results!

This week, we asked the Twitterverse:

Would you switch to a branchless, online-only bank?

Would you switch to an online-only bank?

Looks like our followers still value face-to-face customer service, and aren’t ready to go completely online for their banking.

Want your chance to WIN a $300 grand prize (or 1 of 2 $50 runner up prizes)? Answer this week’s Q:

What would YOU do with an extra $300?
Tweet us @RateSupermarket with #RSMWIN or visit us on Facebook  to enter!

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