A New Round of Home Buying Restrictions

How will new home buying restrictions affect you?

Buying a home just got a bit trickier for many Canadians. The CMHC has announced the most recent changes to hit the housing market, targeting self employed buyers and those looking to purchase a second home or cottage. Not sure how these changes will affect you? Check out this week’s comprehensive coverage.

In other mortgage news, looks like variable rate owners can breathe easy for years to come, as BoC Governor Stephen Poloz confirms Canada will enjoy record low interest rates until at least 2016. Has there ever been a better argument to go variable?

CMHC Axes Second Home and Self Employed Mortgages

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is discontinuing its Second Home and Self Employed mortgage products, forcing these niche buyers to adhere to stricter qualification requirements, and limiting their financing options. Will you be affected by this latest change to hit the mortgage market?

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Pro Post: 4 Tips to Bust Tax Procrastination!

The Canada Revenue Agency has extended the 2013 tax deadline to May 5th – but that’s not stopping many from procrastinating until the last second. Still having filed your taxes? Accountant pro Amir Azami shares his top tips for getting into gear in this special edition guest post.

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Financing a Pre-Construction Condo

Thinking of buying a home from a blueprint? Purchasing a pre-construction condo or house offers many pros and cons. While buyers can truly customize their abodes to their hearts’ desire, there may be a few surprises in store once the unit is actually built. As well, mortgage seekers will find themselves saving for longer, as the minimum 5 per cent just won’t cut it on a pre-construction purchase.

Read The Housing Block’s Blog | Financing a Pre-Construction Condo

Low Interest Rates to Last for Years: Stephen Poloz Speech

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz gave a speech this week in Saskatchewan, forecasting that central interest rates will remain low, even as Canada’s economic situation improves. Canadians should take the opportunity to pay their debt levels down in this low rate environment, while it’s still cheap to do so.

Read Rubina’s Blog | Low Interest Rates to Last for Years

New Mortgage Rules Make it Tougher to Buy a 2nd Home

Looking to buy a second property, cottage, or co-sign for another buyer? Under the latest round of CMHC changes, you can’t if you already have an existing high-ratio mortgage. Here’s how these new rules could affect you.

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Look Beyond Sign Up Bonuses – BMO World Elite MasterCard Review

Huge sign up bonuses are the latest favoured incentive used by credit card companies to tempt new signups. But do these travel cards truly offer great value? The BMO World Elite MasterCard wins across the board with big sign up perks, travel insurance, and everyday value. Check out our review.

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Banks Should Do a Better Job Teaching Financial Literacy

Who’s to blame for low financial literacy in Canada? The big banks should do a better job teaching Canadians about money management, according to a recent survey.

Read Sean’s Blog | Banks Should Do a Better Job Teaching Financial Literacy

Pension Spotlight: Are Target Benefit Plans the Answer?

The federal government has unveiled target benefit plans, a new type of pension that splits risk between the employer and employee.

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#RSMWIN Results!

This week, we asked our Twitterverse,

Are you worried about your online banking security as the result of the Heartbleed Bug?

63% – YES
36% – NO

This week’s Q: Are you planning to buy a second home or cottage in the near future?

Tweet us @RateSupermarket with #RSMWIN to enter!

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