A New Real Estate Reality

A New Real Estate Reality

Canada’s mortgage market is an evolving landscape – and home buyers need to stay vigilant to remain competitive. This week, the spotlight is on shrinking affordability in real estate; the average house price of over $1 million in some markets certainly doesn’t reflect the income growth of our nation’s typical buyer.

And it’s not easier once you break into the market – our recent study finds those upgrading from a condo to a house in Toronto and Vancouver face an average income gap of over $3,000. Read on for the full story.

Stuck In The Starter Home

We know times are tough for Canada’s first-time home buyer – but they can be even more dire for those looking to move up in the market. The price gap between condos and detached homes has growth so wide, that upgrading to a larger abode is out of financial reach for many – even with the equity they’ve built up from their first home. What options do these buyers have? Read on for the full story.

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Prep For a Fall Home Sale With 3 Summer Renos

Thinking of putting your home on the market come fall? Summer is the perfect time to add a few improvements, and get your property into top selling shape. Check out our tips for strategic renos that’ll up your home’s value.

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RECO Cracks Down on Phantom Real Estate Bids

If you’ve ever been a home buyer in one of Canada’s competitive markets, you’ve likely encountered phantom bids – pressuring hints that other offers are on the way for the property you’re eyeing. The practice has never been condoned, but the Real Estate Council of Ontario is taking extra measures against the scam, to go into effect by July 1.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Reno Rookie’s Cheat Sheet

In Canada’s most competitive real estate markets, where million-dollar homes are the norm, many first-timers find buying their dream home is just that – a fantasy. Many turn to renos to improve the space they’re in. Not sure where to start? Our infographic has you covered.

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CMHC Now Covers Only 50% of New Mortgages

Efforts to reduce the CMHC and taxpayers’ exposure to the risky mortgage market has paid off – the Crown corporation has reported it now covers only 50% of new residential mortgages. What does this mean for new borrowers?

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