A New Housing Horizon

A New Housing Horizon

It seems each week, there’s a new headline pointing to what Canadians should fear for their finances. Now, the Bank of Canada has chimed in with new warnings for the housing market, which has again surpassed the price of oil as our greatest economic risk.

It’s a lot for buyers to take in, and has many wondering – is it tougher than ever to buy real estate in Canada? Read on for the full story.

Canada’s Housing Market is Biggest Economic Risk

What’s the biggest risk to our economy? It’s not the low price of oil – the Bank of Canada recently revealed that high levels of household debt and steep housing market are their biggest causes for concern. Here’s what that means for you.

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Mortgage Throwback: Dan’s Story

Is it really tougher to buy a home in today’s market? Any new homeowner will likely say so, as a house with a yard – considered the norm in yesteryear – is now reserved for the millionaire set in our nation’s steepest markets. We asked a few buyer veterans to share their stories with us.

First is Dan Kennedy, a now-retired homeowner who bought his first home in the 70s and has lived debt-free since the age of 25.

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Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

They say money can’t really buy you happiness – but some academics disagree with that statement. Turns out, spending your way to satisfaction is completely possible… if you’re spending on the right things. Get the full story.

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New Laws Proposed for Ontario Condo Owners

For the first time in 16 years, there may be change coming to the Ontario Condominium Act. The proposed changes will target fraud and money mismanagement, and are meant to protect condo owners – but may come at a cost.

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Record Low Mortgage Rates to Resist Economic Uncertainty

Record low mortgage rates are expected to remain through June and July, says RateSupermarket.ca’s expert Mortgage Rate Outlook Panel. Get the full story on what’s to come for fixed and variable mortgage rates this month.

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