The New Economic Plan

The New Economic Plan

Big news was revealed this week with implications for every Canadian; the Federal Budget has been revealed after 5 months of anticipation. How will the Liberals’ new spending plan impact your bottom line? Be sure to check out our coverage.

Meanwhile, Canada’s housing market continues to defy the odds, prompting the Canadian Real Estate Association to up its forecast for the year. Read on for the full story.

$29.4-Billion Deficit Announced in 2016 Federal Budget

The 2016 Federal Budget has been announced, and it reveals the Liberal government will run a $29.4-billion deficit for the fiscal year, with a focus on new infrastructure, tax changes and the middle class. Will the new spending benefit Canadians – and could it influence mortgage rates?

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CREA Hikes Housing Market Forecast for 2016 – 2017

CREA has hiked their housing market forecast for this year and next as high demand persists despite rising prices. How affordable is the housing market in your region? Read on for our breakdown.

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Inclusionary Housing to Come to Ontario

The Ontario province has announced that inclusionary housing is coming to the province, meaning cities will have the power to mandate minimum low-income housing be included in all new developments. How will this affect the market? Read on for our breakdown.

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Mortgages: Let’s Get Started

Looking to get a mortgage? For most Canadians, this is the biggest financial commitment they’ll ever make. It’s not surprising that many find it a tad overwhelming. But not to fear – this is a great place to start! From the abc’s of mortgage basics to picking the perfect loan for your home purchase, you’ll find the resources you need here.

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Mortgages: 4 Essential Features to Ask For

Buying a home? Savvy mortgage shoppers know comparing the market for the best rate is a great way to score a better deal on home financing. But a truly great rate includes more than just the cheapest pricing. Check out these essential mortgage features – and ask for them by name.

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Taxes: I Do My Own Taxes – And You Can, Too!

Afraid to do your own taxes? Even if you have complex taxes, it could be worth saving a buck or two on accountant fees. Here, Amanda shares why she started tackling her own taxes – and that they were easier than she expected.

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