Moving On Up

Moving On UP

There’s something about this time of year that inspires self improvement – and that tends to be reflected in our financial habits, too. Whether you’re looking to buy a home (or update the one you’re in), alter your spending and savings habits, or reassess your affordability, there’s no time like the present. Check out this week’s lineup for everything you need to know about your fresh financial start.

4 Spring Renovation Projects To Do Now

They say Canada has two seasons: winter and construction! Planning to hire a contractor or undertake a few do-it-yourself projects for your home? Now is the perfect time – and there are some renos that are best tackled in the warmer months. Check out our list of top renos to make during the spring and summer.

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Affording a Second Baby: The Real Estate Challenges

Starting a family is expensive enough in Canada – but for those living in our nation’s priciest housing markets, it can be even tougher financially, as many are priced out of larger living spaces. Expecting another bundle of joy but can’t afford to move up? You do have options. Read on to learn more.

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Do Money Memories Control Your Finances?

Are you an overspender? Anxious about your savings? Do you feel guilty about your wealth (or lack thereof)? Many of our attitudes about money are the result of “flashpoints” – times when we were strongly affected by our financial circumstances – and they can greatly influence our day-to-day financial decisions. Are you controlled by your money memories? Read on to find out.

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How Risky Is Your Province’s Housing Market?

What are the risky housing markets in Canada? Is yours one of them? The CMHC has identified the top risky regions in a recent report. Read on for our breakdown.

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CMHC Reports $14-Billion Mortgage Insurance Decline

The CMHC is the biggest provider of mortgage insurance in Canada, but recent efforts have focused on reducing their involvement with high-risk lending. The Crown Corporation reported a $14-billion decline in insured mortgages in their 2014 annual report. Great news for taxpayers – but what does that mean for prospective borrowers?

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