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With the average internet user in Canada spending almost 43 hours a month online, it seems only obvious that a few hours would be spent by anxious homeowners comparing mortgage rates in Canada, particularly considering the current housing market outlook. To simplify this tedious yet necessary task for people across the country, whether they are in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver or Montreal, came up with an ingenious plan: Why not enable shoppers to compare mortgage rates from banks, credit unions and brokers with one search? Why not allow first time buyers and homeowners to speak directly to brokers and lenders via the web?

Kelvin Mangaroo, the entrepreneur behind, had been itching to start a business that would alleviate the pain homebuyers felt when looking to purchase or re-mortgage properties. Kelvin knew that the service had to be extremely quick, intuitive and easy to use.

Kelvin says, “I wanted to create a simple, unique way for Canadians to compare mortgage rates online. Currently, there is nobody like us in the Canadian market. We have over fifty lenders and brokers listed. We compare over 500 mortgage rates and we’re adding more rates every single day!”.

The site ( ) has a “Connect for Free” service that allows mortgage shoppers to speak directly to a lender or broker about their options, instantly by phone, with the call connected by the web site. And you can’t beat the price, it’s free. This service has proven very useful giving visitors instant access to information that can help them make informed decisions. The web site’s side-by-side comparison also enables users to compare more detail than just rates such as payment holidays and rate guarantees.

Kelvin says they have features in the works that are sure to shake the entire industry and really change the way things are done. With the web site already helping thousands of Canadians to compare mortgage rates with the click of a button, we can only imagine the impact that is going to have.

About The Company is a free consumer web site enabling Canadians to easily compare mortgage rates.

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