Mortgage Documents

Mortgage Documents: What you Need to Apply

There’s a lot of paperwork involved in sorting out a mortgage. Instead of pulling it all together at the last minute, slowly start to organize your documents now, so that you’ll be better prepared when it comes time to close the deal.

Mortgage Documents Checklist

Here’s a list of what the mortgage lender will expect to see:

  • Copy of the property listing
  • Copy of the signed offer to purchase
  • Property details including the legal description (for property tax purposes)
  • Lawyer or notary details
  • Heating costs, property taxes and condominium fees, etc (this info is usually listed on the real estate agent’s property registration form)
  • Well and septic tank certificates (if applicable)

Employment related documents, including:

  • Confirmation of your employment and income
  • Confirmation from your previous employer, if needed
  • If you’re self-employed, your financial statements and notice of assessments for the last three years
  • Additional income confirmation

Financial documents:

  • Pre-approved mortgage loan certificate
  • Confirmation of your first payment – if the 1st payment is a gift, you’ll need a letter from the provider to specify that the funds don’t need to be re-paid
  • A list of assets and liabilities
  • Bank account number

Depending on your personal situation and your relationship with the lender, you may need to provide more or less information. It’s best to consult your lender beforehand, so you are better prepared.



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