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Great Mothers Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up quick – and Canadians are flocking to flower shops across the nation. And, while Mom’s sure to love those pretty posies, she’d likely appreciate a fistful of cold, hard cash even more! Check out our top 10 gift ideas with a financial twist – sure to grow your mom’s wealth (and cement your position as favourite child).

After all, financial success should be a family affair – just ask Desiree Fawn, this week’s special guest offer. Be sure to check out her kid-proofed budget building tips!

No May Day For Spring Mortgage Rates

Our mortgage experts have spoken – and it looks as though May mortgage rates aren’t in for any major movement this month. If you’re a buyer, this means it’s a great time to score your financing – don’t hit the open houses without reviewing our panelists’ take on fixed and variable options.

Read Penelope’s Blog | No May Day for Spring Mortgage Rates

10 Mother’s Day Gifts That’ll Make Her Richer

Forget the flowers – what better way to honour Mom than to up her wealth quotient? If you’re stumped on a Mother’s Day gift, be sure to check out these top 10 suggestions, from finance-themed books and apps to ways you can help Mom control her finances.

Read Andrew’s Blog | 10 Mother’s Day Gifts That’ll Make Her Richer

Pro Post: How to Make Your Family Budget Work!

Trying to cut corners on your household spending? Trimming your finances should be a full-family affair. Check out hot mama blogger Desiree Fawn’s foolproof tips for creating a spending plan that everyone will buy into.

Read Desiree’s Blog | How to Make Your Family Budget Work!

CMHC Plans to Insure Fewer Mortgages

Are you a home buyer requiring CMHC mortgage insurance? You may be out of luck as the Crown corporation plans to reduce the amount of mortgages it insures in the years to come.

Read Rubina’s Blog | CMHC Plans to Insure Fewer Mortgages

Could Double Land Transfer Tax Come to Your City?

Toronto is the only city in Ontario where buyers must pay double land transfer tax – but with the Ontario election looming, the issue may arise in other cities.

Read Jaclyn’s Blog | Could Double Land Transfer Tax Come To Your City?

Self-Employed Mortgages – How to Qualify

Having trouble qualifying for self employed mortgages? Here’s what you need to know to score a great mortgage rate when you’re your own boss.

Read Allan’s Blog | Self-Employed Mortgages – How to Qualify

Proposed Ontario Budget: A New Pension Plan and Other Highlights

Ontario’s proposed budget is chock full of taxpayer-friendly goodies, and also includes a new pension plan, dubbed the ORPP. Whether these changes will be realized, however, is up to taxpayers, as the NDP does not support the budget, resulting in a June election.

Read Sean’s Blog | A New Pension Plan and Other Highlights

Pro Post: Financial Challenges for Newcomers

A lack of credit and employment history can make it tough for newcomers to Canada to obtain a mortgage, credit card – even a bank account! Guest poster Pracheer Saran, who first moved to Canada from India five years ago, shares his experiences with getting new banking products, finding affordable housing, and adjusting to Canada’s high tax rate.

Read Pracheer’s Blog | Financial Challenges for Newcomers


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Weekly Link Lineup!

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Condo hell: Condominiums are a more affordable way to enter the market for many groups, including young, first time buyers, and retirees. But condo boards, neighbour feuds and spiking fees mean trouble behind closed doors. Via Macleans

The bond breakdown: Bonds are a great way to add stability to a portfolio – but are you missing out on potential tax perks? A tax-friendly bond ETF is now on the horizon. Via Canadian Couch Potato

Have you financially grown up? 30 financial milestones to achieve by the time you hit the big 3-0. Via Money After Graduation

Is your parent your financial advisor? Why you should look beyond parental guidance when it comes to money management. A must read for Gen Ys, via Golden Girl Finance


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