Mobile Apps to Ease Your Tax Pain

Phone apps for personal taxes

The deadline to file your personal income taxes is only a few weeks away and many of you might be scrambling to get all your important tax documents together.  To ease your pain here are four mobile apps that can help make your tax refund experience more bearable. The best part, if you start using them all year long filing your taxes next year will be a cinch.

Go! Tax Canada

This iPhone app claims to be the easiest way to complete your taxes and was designed by income tax specialists with years of experience. You can photograph all your tax documents for submission allowing you to retain the original documents. Your tax return is prepared and filed with the Canada Revenue Agency by experienced tax professionals. A complete summary of your tax return is provided to you upon completion.  You can ask questions directly through the app.  Its free but the tax preparation charge starts at $24.95.

The Canada Tax Calculator

This Blackberry app estimates Canadian income and payroll tax (excludes Quebec). You start by entering your income and location to see the average tax paid, total provincial tax, and total federal tax. The app also allows you to play with the results by seeing what would happen if you had more or less deductions. You can also see what claiming a spouse or dependents would do to your taxes.


Many of us have the overflowing shoebox filing system full of receipts that we go through during tax time. Understandably this can be a very difficult ad inefficient way to keep track of all your documents.   For tax time Shoeboxed makes it easy to organise all your tax documents virtually. All you have to do is take a photo of your receipt and the app enters the date, total, payment type, store, and category. It will send an expense report to your email and upload it into various accounting software such as Quicken or QuickBooks.

TurboTax SnapTax

This app is for a very specific customer. Its great for iPhone users who have  just T4 slips, don’t have children or dependents, are under the age of 65, have no RRSP contributions or charitable donations and don’t live in Quebec, the Yukon or North West Territories. One reviewer claims it took him 10 minutes to file his taxes using this app.  First you snap a photo of your T4, than answer a few simple questions lastly review, pay and submit using NETFILE. The returns start at $9.99

Some things to keep in mind

Remember when preparing your tax refund the burden of making sure the information is clear and correct is on you, using an online mobile app can streamline the process and keep your receipts organised, but make sure you go back and check that all the information is correct and detailed properly. The general deadline to file individual taxes is April 30th, 2012. Get more information on the CRA website and check out this video Expert Tips for Filing Your Personal Taxes.

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