Be Mine, Bank Account

Be Mine Bank Account

What’s that sound? It’s the rush of significant others snapping up roses, reservations, and other sweet treats to celebrate this Hallmark of holidays. But whether you’re paying big bucks – or eschewing Valentine’s Day altogether – the reality is relationships do cost money.

This week, we’re all about finding harmony between your sweetie and your savings. Read on for the full story.

The Cost of Love in Canada: $50,339.21

The results are in from our third annual Cost of Love study – and they’re up 11.4% from last year! Shelling out for a year of dating, popping the question and the big day now rival the cost of the average home down payment. But there’s no need to break up with your bank account. Read on for our top tips on affording the Cost of Love.

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Do You Need to Have the Money Talk?

It’s no secret that financial disagreements are the leading cause of divorce – in fact, according to a BMO poll, money mismanagement is worse than cheating on your spouse!

Open communication about financial goals is the best way to avoid becoming another divorce statistic. Here’s how to hash out money matters with your significant other.

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Get Rewarded for Romance: Top 4 Credit Cards for Dating

We all love to earn rewards on our spending… but does your current card love you back? We’ve rounded up the most effective rewards cards to use when dining out, going to the movies, taking a romantic getaway (and even paying it all off).

We’re sure you’ll love them. Read on for our picks.

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No Love Lost: Why Families Fight Over Wills

Why do once-close families fight over wills? Turns out nothing is straightforward with love and money – including siblings and children. Here’s what to avoid when estate planning.

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CMHC Q1 Report Calls For Housing Market Slowdown

The CMHC Q1 Report has been released, and it calls for a slight slowdown in housing activity in Canada this year. What will affect buyers and sellers? Read on to find out.

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How Will Lower Oil Affect the Calgary Housing Market?

Calgary housing market sales have dropped nearly 40% as the fallout from lower oil prices takes effect, though prices have remained strong. What’s in store for sellers – and prospective buyers waiting for a softer market?

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This week, we asked our Twitter followers:

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32.3%: Yes

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