Meet the Get Out Of My House Finalists – Katie Kish

Get out of my house finalists has chosen six lucky finalists from across Canada for the chance to win the Ultimate Mother’s Day prize – $5,397.50 in funds and resources to move out into an apartment of their own.

Who will win the Get Out Of My House Prize? That’s your call! Vote every day at, and share the news on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #RSMgetout!

Let’s meet our next finalist…

Katie Kish

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Katie is one of the lucky ones – she’s managed to find a job in her field, but only working part time leaves her strapped for the cash she needs to move out of her mom’s home.

“My mom Heidi Kish, deserves to win the ultimate Mother’s Day gift because she is the most amazing person out there. She has been my rock for my entire life, and has worked so hard to do everything she can to support myself and my brother while growing up. My brother is 9 years older than me and moved out many years ago and now being 22 I feel it is my turn to move out and become independent.

After my parents separated 4 years ago, it has just been my mom and I living at home. Living on a single income has been very difficult, but being the strong willed, independent woman that my mom is she continues to work hard to support the both of us. Winning this contest would be the gift she has always wanted to give me, but never able to single-handedly do so.”

Learn more about Katie at, and vote today!


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