Meet the Get Out Of My House Finalists: Kathryn Coulter's Get Out Of My House Finalist Intro’s Get Out Of My House Giveaway is underway – and six finalists from across Canada have been selected for the chance to win our Grand Prize – $5,397.50 in funds and resources to help them move out of their parents’ homes!

Who will be our lucky winner? That’s up to you – our readers! Visit to cast your vote (there are a few sweet prizes in it for you), and be sure to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

Now, without further ado, it’s time to meet our first finalist!

Kathryn  Coulter

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Kathryn has been living it up travelling the world and building a menagerie of pets – but now that her adventures have ended, she’s back under Mom’s roof.

“I am about to finish my university degree and I can’t think of a better Mother’s day gift than moving out of Mom’s house. She watched my older sisters seamlessly find jobs, boyfriends, and leases, but I sense (and Mom might sense it too) that it’s going to be more difficult road for me. In fact, my road seems to have been paved with broken bricks because the route is so bumpy I keep falling off the adulthood-wagon.

Rather than responsibly save and plan for the big jump, I have spent all my savings on last-minute character-building treks through the Amazon, soul-searching weekends in the mountains, and stress-managing jaunts to Vegas. While these excursions were fun, they didn’t exactly prepare me for domestic singledom. So, besides a few hand-me-down pots from my sisters, and the years of invaluable scoldings from a concerned Mother, I am ill-prepared for the inevitable boot.”

Learn more about Kathryn’s story and vote today at !

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