Meet the Get Out Of My House Finalists: Ando Hirschbach

Meet the Get Out Of My House finalists

Which of the six Get Out Of My House finalists will win’s grand prize? one lucky winner will score $5,397.50 – the funds and resources required to move into an apartment of one’s own – and thereby giving their parents the best Mother’s Day gift ever!

Who will move out? That’s up to you! Vote daily for your favourite finalist at – you could win one of three awesome prizes! Don’t forget to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #RSMgetout!

Let’s meet our next finalist…

Ando Hirschbach

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ando’s no stranger to steep challenges – after all, he can list Machu Picchu as one of his great accomplishments. When it comes to finishing his degree and moving out of his parents home, though, he’s a bit more grounded.

“I’m really hoping I win this contest so that I can get a huge jump start on being self reliant again. As anyone on the east coast knows, it can be hard to find work here, and we mostly live in Nova Scotia for the love, rather than economic opportunity. Living with family has allowed me to get by in the meantime in the east coast job market, with the intention of heading back to school.

I love my family and friends, love being around them and living with them, but it’s time, I can’t wait to get a place that’s just for me, and I’m ready. I took time off from university to travel and haven’t returned yet, but I do want to finish my degree and get an ‘adult job’, although I’m still going to travel of course. That’s a part of me for life now.

I’ve been overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity since I returned to Canada, worried about getting started again and unsure about where I wanted to end up. Over the past two years the support and help I’ve received I won’t ever forget, and I’m going to pay it forward to others seeking the same path.

The first thing I do upon getting my own place will be registering with and taking in weary travellers on the road. I encourage everyone to leave their own country, continent, etc., and experience the world, because it is a wildly different, amazing place full of experiences you can’t even begin to imagine.

Well maybe not the first thing. Probably setting up my bed and stuff would be the first thing. Please vote for me!!!”

Learn more about Ando’s story at, and vote today!

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