Easy Ways To Market Your Home Online

How to market your home online

Selling your home can be a nail-biting affair, especially in such a volatile housing market.

But in this day and age, there’s no need to sit on your hands – the Internet offers lots of ways to creatively market your property.

Sure, online listings have been the go-to method for hawking your house for a while now – after all, most people start their search online. But social media and other online tools have created a ton of new ways to market and promote your property.

The following are a few digital tools and how to effectively use them to market your home online.

How To Sell Using Social Media

Word of mouth can be a powerful tool for selling your property. But amplify that with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter and you’re drastically increasing the number of people you can reach.

So maybe you don’t have a large swath of home buying friends on Facebook – that doesn’t mean you can’t tap into their extended networks. For less than $10 you can advertise on “the book” – making it so your listing pops up on the side bar of people’s news feeds.

It’s fully customizable and lets you narrow it down to age, income, postal code and pretty much anything else you can think of that is stored in the catacombs of Facebook’s user information databases.

If you use it every day for a month – that’s only $300 spent on target advertising – a lot less than the 1.5 to two per cent of the price of your home you’d end up paying an agent.

Get Virtual With Your Visuals

Visually geared social media like Instagram and Youtube can be used to give tours of your house or catch it in that perfect autumn light.

The outlets also allow sharing and commenting that can help increase your outreach and the number of views you get.

With your social networks support, promoting your house becomes a lot easier.

Seek Out An Online Agent

Online real estate agents are a new breed. While traditional agents work from offices, online agents tend to only have an online presence. That means lower overhead costs resulting in lower fees for clients, often ranging from $400 to $1,500.

There are additional fees but you’d want to inquire with one of the online real estate agents like comFree.

Online agents offer many of the same services – from valuing to listing and marketing your property. The big difference is they don’t host viewings for potential buyers – leaving it up to you to plan and coordinate showings.

The best part – you can do your research online before you make and decisions.

If you’re thinking about selling, these online tools could be valuable assets to you.

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