How Low Can the Loonie Go?

How Low Can The Loonie Go-

The loonie continued its swan dive this week, hitting a new low at $68.70 – enough to make consumers – and economists – nervous. Half of those polled expected the Bank of Canada to respond on Wednesday with yet another trend-setting rate cut, but the central bank appears to be riding out the latest currency skirmish.

Read on to get caught up on the latest.

A Lower Loonie Reality: The Consumer Impact

The loonie dropped below 70 cents this week – a 13-year low – and consumers are starting to feel the pain. Economists believe the dollar has further to slide – so how low can it really go? Check out our tips for coping with less spending power and higher prices.

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4 Ways to Cope with Rising Grocery Prices

A lower loonie is starting to hit shoppers where it hurts – at the grocery store, where produce and meat prices have skyrocketed. How can you navigate the “cauliflower effect” and still come under your food budget? Frugal living expert Sean Cooper shares his best grocery savings tips.

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No Change From the Bank of Canada in January Announcement

The Bank of Canada has opted to leave interest rates unchanged this month – but what does that mean for consumers, the loonie, and economic recovery? Read on for our full breakdown of the factors behind this week’s rate decision.

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Credit Cards: 3 Ways to Beat Blue Monday Debt

Feeling a bit blue? It might be due to chilly temps, lack of sunlight – and that January credit card bill. Check out our best tips for paying off that stubborn holiday debt – fast.

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Mortgages: Toronto Home Prices – 20 Straight Years of Growth

Toronto home prices have been on the rise for two straight decades, according to RE/MAX Canada. What has driven price appreciation in the Six? Read on for our breakdown.

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Personal Finance: 4 New Customer Service Tactics the Banks are Trying

Things have gotten more competitive for Canada’s big banks, as a growing fintech industry and customer demands give them a run for their money. To encourage loyalty, they’re pulling out new features and customer service tactics. Here are 4 you should keep an eye out for.

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Insurance: Ontario Auto Insurance Rates Drop Up To 8%

Ontario auto insurance rates drop once again, as insurers pass savings from new regulations on to drivers. Is now a good time to switch your auto coverage?

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