Love Shouldn’t Leave You Broke

Save this Valentine's Day

February 15, 2013

Romance is in the air this week, and chocolates, flowers and sweet nothings have been flying off store shelves. Valentine’s Day puts on the pressure to spend – and if you’re still strapped from your holiday expenses, it could be grounds to break up with your credit card.

We’ve got a few ways to treat that special someone that your bank account will love.

 Get Better Value This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may have been invented by Hallmark, but your sweetie still expects to be swept off their feet. How can you make the ultimate romantic gesture without breaking the bank?

From a home cooked meal made with love to clipping coupons for your crush, we’ve got some sweet tips for treating your significant other on the cheap.

Plan a Wedding For Cheap

Those affianced and married can attest – planning a wedding costs an arm and a leg! While your nuptials should be special, no one wants their big day to lead to a lifetime of debt.What’s a frugal bride to do? From secondhand dresses to DIY decor, we’ve got ways to cut down your wedding costs.Read Diane’s Blog | Plan a Wedding for Cheap

Men Vs. Women: Who’s Better At Investing?

It’s the ultimate battle of the sexes – are guys or gals more likely to score a great return on their investments? A new TD study shows an inherent aversion to risk and a cautious approach to money management have women leading the market pack.

And in this week’s finance headlines…

Economic Lessons From Pope Benedict

The spotlight is on Pope Benedict as he is the first Pope to resign from his post in over 600 years. Will his successor share the same stance on many global economic issues?
Read Rubina’s Blog | Economic Lessons From Pope Benedict

Early Spring for Homebuyers

 The groundhog recently predicted an early spring, and so it is for homebuyers looking for advantageous mortgage rates this month.
Read Kelvin’s Blog | Early Spring For Homebuyers

Keep Your RRSP Beneficiary Designation Up to Date

 Is your RRSP beneficiary designation up to date? This detail is often forgotten, but can hold big implications for loved ones in case of death.
Read Gordon’s Blog | RRSP Beneficiary Designation

Canadians Are Reducing Their Retirement Savings Goals

Many Canadians are finding their original retirement savings goals are no longer a perfect fit. A recent RBC poll finds today’s savers are putting less away for their golden years than previous generations.

You Answered!

Answer and win

This week, we asked Canadians:
How much do you plan to spend this Valentine’s Day?
54.7% of poll takers plan to acknowledge this heartwarming Hallmark holiday, but draw the line at a $100 spend – after all, there’s no reason to break the bank!
24.2% say spending between $100-$500 is in the cards for a nice night of wining and dining.
21.1% don’t intend to spend any money at all, refusing to acknowledge what is mainly a commercial money grab.
1.1%  say their lucky sweetie is in store for a $1000+ V-Day surprise!

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