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Best of Finance 2013 and headlines from the week

January is all about reinvention – everywhere you look, there are ads, headlines and products targeting the desire to make the coming year a new and improved one.

It’s also a time of summing up the year past, and moving forward with lessons learned. To make 2014 your most prosperous year yet, we’re proud to introduce this year’s Best of Finance awards, showcasing the best personal finance products and resources – and we want to hear from YOU. Take a moment to fill out our Best of Finance Consumer’s Choice poll – there may even be a prize in it for you!

Disinflation: The Hot Button Topic For 2014

Disinflation is anticipated to be a pressing economic issue in 2014, as the cost of goods and services fail to grow fast enough to support the economy. Healthy inflation is needed for stable economic growth, but consumers must also be prepared for rising interest rates when growth eventually picks up the slack.

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A Chilly Start For 2014 Mortgage Rates

2014 is certainly off to a frigid start, temperature-wise – and the housing market appears to be following suit. RateSupermarket.ca’s expert Mortgage Rate Outlook Panel have released their take on fixed and variable mortgage rates for the month to come – read on to see if January will be a good month to enter the housing market.

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How Higher Bond Yields Are Helping Your Pension

Rising bond yields are often seen as a negative – it’s a sign that government bonds are falling out of favour with the markets, and signals losses for investors and rising mortgage rates. For savers, however, higher interest rates mean better returns – and pensions have much to gain from the uptick.

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Who’s The Best Finance Resource? Vote Now!

Introducing the 2013 Best of Finance Awards! Who’s the best finance resource in Canada? Take our poll now and you could WIN a $100 gift card!

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The Federal EI Rate Freeze Is Now In Effect

As part of efforts to bolster employment and support the economy, the federal government announced a freeze to Employment Insurance rates, which took effect on January 1st. What will this mean for taxpayers?

Read Andrew’s Blog | The Federal EI Rate Freeze Is Now In Effect

Ontarians Are Choosing Debt Over Retirement Savings

A new study finds Ontarians are shrugging off their savings plans in order to focus on debt repayment like mortgages. But is it ever a good idea to stop saving completely?

Read Sean’s Blog | Ontarians Choosing Debt Over Retirement Savings

Credit Card Profile: TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite

Following months of negotiations, the three-way deal between TD, CIBC and Aimia has been finalized, and TD is now the premier provider of Aeroplan rewards in Canada, launching its first option – the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite. How does this travel rewards card stack up against the market? Read on for our review.

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Making A Financial Plan Tops 2014 Resolution Lists

A BMO poll finds making a financial plan tops the new year resolution list for many Canadians. Wondering how to get started? You’ve come to the right place.

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Book Review: Stop Over-Thinking Your Money

Want to take control of your finances – but not sure where to start? Stop Over-Thinking Your Money, the new book by Globe and Mail personal finance columnist Preet Banerjee, provides an easy guide to focusing on the right financial areas.

Read Sean’s Blog | Stop Over-Thinking Your Money

6 Ways To Recover From A Holiday Spending Snafu

Holiday spender’s remorse is at an all time high during the first two weeks of January. Did you overdo it on your holiday expenses? Here are 6 ways to move your money situation from the red to black this January.

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