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Wish you had a way to track your spending – and protect your savings – while on the go? With mobile technology, you can take your budget and expense tracking to another level – any time, any place. There are all kinds of cool apps made for smartphones, including iPhones, Androids and Blackberries. Apps make it easier to report expenses and keep track of bills while on the go. Not all apps will work for every smartphone, so I’ve organized these by category. Use these apps as a guideline for what’s out there, and feel free to share your favourites in the comments section below.

Android Apps for Personal Finance

By pulling all of your personal finance accounts into one place, for Android helps users track, budget and manage money. You can create a budget – and stick with it – with planned support to prevent splurges. automatically categorizes your transactions for you, and it will also remind you when you have upcoming bills to pay. It will also send you a monthly dose of reality with a statement showing you where all of your money went. is totally safe and secure, and it syncs with all of your devices automatically.

My Budget Planner keeps track of all of your daily expenses, but also helps you to build a budget. You can track daily spending and incoming transactions, which will help you to better plan ahead. The app includes visual graphs, a calculator and a calendar. No need to worry about security. This app is password protected.

Looking to gain a grasp on your debt? Pay off Debt might be the perfect app for you. Using a debt snowball, Pay off Debt helps you to focus on debt reduction. The app allows you to see your progress as you make payments.  Designed by a non-developer, the app can help navigate you through your dept, and wasn’t created as a money-grab. Visit for tutorials.

Blackberry Apps for Personal Finance

Bill Manager – Tracker, Scheduler and Upcoming Bill Reminder is the perfect app to help you keep track of your bills all in one place. It will remind you of your upcoming bills, calculate and schedule your next bill, keep track of the amounts paid and the amounts due, and log and track expenses. Unlike a lot of other personal finance apps, this one is free.

Looking to keep your essentials in one place? PageOnce allows you to track all of your personal finance information in one app. You can monitor credit card transactions, check your bank account’s status, view your bill statement’s details, review your investment portfolio and track your frequent flyer miles. As an added bonus, this app is also free.

iPhone Apps for Personal Finance

By bringing all of your bills together into one place, BillMinder for iPhone makes sure that you’ll never pay a late fee again. You can track expenses through charts and graphs. As an added bonus, you can sync between all of your devices, and to everyone in your household if you choose. The data automatically backs up to iCloud, so you don’t have to worry about lost information. Secure and customizable, BillMinder is highly recommended for iPhone users who want to stay on top of their personal finances.

Spend Free, a personal budgeting app, allows you to keep track of your money and how you spend it. You can create daily, weekly, or even yearly budgets in categories that you define. The app does not require internet access, so you can actually track spending even when there isn’t a wi-fi signal available.

Got debt that you need to carefully manage? Don’t we all! Try Credit Card Debt Payoff, developed for iPhone users. The app acts as a calculator that shows you how long it will take you to pay off your credit card debt, while calculating the interest you will be paying on top. It allows you to enter your credit card balance, interest rate and your monthly expenses. Alternatively, you can enter a debt-free date and see the monthly payment you’ll need to make in order to stay on track.

And don’t forget the Mortgage Tool for the iPhone.  Compete with a mortgage rate comparison engine, a mortgage calculator and a mortgage renewal reminder service, this app will be a home shopper’s best friend.

Something for Everyone

I love this app! OurGroceries, an app that is compatible with all smartphones, is a household staple. In fact, once you use it, you’ll wonder how you ever got on without it. OurGroceries allows you and your family to share your shopping list. It automatically keeps track of your grocery list and syncs all of its latest changes – on every family member’s device. As one family member shops, see the items checked off on your smartphone. For the busy family on the go, how awesome is that?


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