Just In Time For Summer… Our Free $100 Gift Card Offer Is Back!

MBNA July 2015 Promo

Ready to relax? After the long, tough Canadian winter we’ve had, you deserve it! So go ahead – kick up your heels with a great credit card offer that can save you money with ease. Plus, we’ll toss in a free $100 gift card of your choice once you are approved.

Let Your Wallet Do The Work

I Want… To Transfer My Balance and Get a Lower Interest Rate 

Annual Fee: $0.00

Purchases: 19.99%

Balance Transfers: 0.00%†

Cash Advances: 24.99%



  • Get 0% annual interest rate† (AIR) on balance transfers✪ for the first 12 full months
  • Potentially pay down your credit card debt fast

How do Low Balance Transfer Credit Cards Work?

Low balance transfer credit cards offer the ability to move over a pre­existing balance from another credit card, and to pay that balance at a competitive interest rate for a limited time. When used correctly, balance transfer credit cards can offer a break on interest payments, giving you the chance to pay off your principal debt faster. However, it’s important to note that once the balance transfer feature is activated, some restrictions may be placed on the use of the card until the balance is paid off in full.

Learn more about Balance Transfer Credit Cards: 

†Promotional AIR offers remain subject to: (i) your MBNA® credit card account being in good standing during the promotional period, and (ii) your financial status not having changed since the date we initially determined that your account was eligible for a promotional AIR.

✪ Balance transfers must be repaid and otherwise dealt with according to the terms of your Account Agreement and are subject to credit availability. Balance transfers cannot be used for repayment of any account established or maintained by MBNA or its affiliates. A transaction fee may apply. See your Account Agreement for full details.

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