“It’s Not An Epidemic of Laziness”: Celebrity Guest Judge Carlos Diaz

Carlos Diaz is a celebrity guest judge for RateSupermarket.ca's Get Out Of My House giveaway!

Meet Carlos Diaz, celebrity guest judge for RateSupermarket.ca’s Get Out Of My House giveaway! Diaz has worked in theatre, film, television, radio and voiceover animation for 17 years, and has three Gemini nominations for ‘Best Ensemble’ with the cast of Rent A Goalie.  He  has also been seen in Repo Men, Saw VII, John Q., Republic of Doyle, Rookie Blue, and Murdoch Mysteries.  He’s currently the voice of Koodo’s exuberant El Tabador:  love him or hate him, you can’t beat him in an arm wrestle.

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It’s Tough For Kids To Get Out There

By: Carlos Diaz

This whole living at home thing is something I have given plenty of thought to. I don’t think it’s an epidemic of laziness –  it’s the economic climate. It’s increasingly more difficult for kids to just ‘get out there and do it’. I see plenty of adults my age (40’s) still carrying student loans. I’ve lived at home twice and even considered it again when discussing a will and life insurance with my financial advisor, in the event that my spouse should predecease me.

 I used to curse myself every year at tax time.  Before I had a child of my own, I would rant,  “If I ever have my own kid, I am going to teach her two things!  1) How to save money and 2) How to do her bloody taxes.” Those are two things that have haunted me, dogged me through the years and I’m finally on top of it. (However, it does sometimes feel like I’m saving to pay taxes.  Whatever.)

Success Comes From Hard Work

I want my daughter to learn to work, be motivated and responsible.  I believe those are incredible gifts to be left by your family. My parents did that while encouraging me to do what I wanted to do. Heck, I’m an actor and I make a living at it — success doesn’t come from sitting on your behind.

 If my daughter were in a fix, I would be there for her and I’m not the type who would kick her out if she needed me, even when she is an adult.  That said, she will know how to take care of herself. Right now she’s only 18 months old and I’ve already saved more money for her education than I saved for myself by the time I graduated high school. I want to give my daughter a head start and for her to not have to drown in student loan debt for decades.

 I believe I can help my child and raise her to be a self-sufficient, grateful adult. Give a girl a fish and she might have lunch, plus leftovers for one meal. Teach a girl to fish and… Let’s be realistic:  Teach a girl to buy local and organic and you’ve raised a conscientious, contributing, responsible member of society who can take care of herself – one who also knows that in a pinch, her parents will be there for her.

You can find Carlos on Twitter at @carlospdiaz

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