Is Your Vacation Properly Insured?

Is your vacation covered by the right insurance?

Warm weather has finally descended upon Canada – and you’re likely keen to trade the nine-to-five office slog for a very well-deserved summer getaway. Whether you’re hitting the highway or taking flight to your destination, preparing for your vacay takes more than packing up your favourite sundress or board shorts. Failing to take out the right insurance coverage means you’re running the risk of paying thousands of dollars should your summer fun take a dangerous turn.

Don’t Hit the Road Without Car Insurance

You know car insurance is mandatory – but are you possibly paying more for it than you should? Depending on your province, you could be benefiting from a more competitive rate offered by another insurance provider. In fact, it’s smart to review your insurance options on a yearly basis as you renew, as a change in vehicle, significant upgrades or a continuously good driving record may make you eligible for lower premiums.

Looking for the best car insurance quotes in Canada? We’ve now got a handy comparison tool that digs up the best rates for you in your region. Simply fill out the questionnaire to see how much you could be saving on car insurance. Click here to compare car insurance!

Travel Insurance – The Add-On That Can Save You Big Bucks

Envision this: you’re lounging poolside in a tropical paradise, soaking up the rays (and a pina colada or two). Unfortunately for you, this beachy bliss is shattered (along with your leg!) when you slip and fall on the deck. Before you know it, you’ve been airlifted to the hospital, dressed in a cast and treated with painkillers – all of which can be astronomically expensive outside of Canada. We’re talking tens, even hundreds, of thousands of dollars in some cases.

While it may be tempting to pass on the added cost of travel insurance when purchasing your airfare or booking your hotel, the risk you’re running can put you in the poorhouse. Even if you’re travelling within Canada, your provincial health card isn’t always sufficient for medical costs incurred, forcing you to pay out of pocket.

Don’t Get Left Hanging

The benefits of travel insurance can go far beyond your health. If you’ve ever been the last airline passenger standing at the baggage carousel for a wayward suitcase, you can attest how helpful baggage insurance can be, whether it’s used to replace lost valuables or to purchase items to tide you over until your bag reappears.

Coverage such as cancellation insurance can also help give piece of mind should your flight be cancelled or delayed – rather than cool your heels at the airport, your coverage can provide the comfort of overnight accommodations, a new ticket, or even the ability to cancel your flight in the case of illness or death.

That said, finding the most affordable travel insurance coverage will leave more moolah for your vacation budget. Check out our new travel insurance comparison tool for the best rates from all lenders in Canada. Click here to save on travel insurance.

Have you ever had to pay an arm and a leg as a result of foregoing your insurance? Share your story with us in a comment, or visit us on Facebook and Twitter. Oh – and bon voyage!

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