INFOGRAPHIC: The Top Mortgage Moments of 2015

Who says monetary policy has to be boring? It’s been a turbulent year – for borrowers, lenders and policy makers. It’s no wonder Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz has been recognized as Canada’s 2015 Business Newsmaker of the Year by The Canadian Press.

We’ve highlighted the top mortgage news moments of the year below. Want to read more about each newsmaker? Scroll down for our top headlines by month.


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Bank of Canada Cuts Interest Rate to 0.75%

Banks Cut Prime to 2.85%

Are Oil Prices Housing’s Kryptonite?


How Will Lower Oil Affect the Calgary Housing Market?

CMHC Q1 Report Calls for Housing Market Slowdown

March Rate Cut Looks Less Likely


Detached Home Prices Top $1 Million in Toronto

New IMF Warnings for Canada’s Housing Market

BMO Drops Mortgage Rate to 2.79%


Atrocious Economic Conditions Expected for Q1

CMHC and Genworth Hike Mortgage Insurance Premiums

Meridian Introduces 1.49% Mortgage Rate


More Mortgage Rule to Come This Summer

Risky Housing Markets in Canada: CMHC Report

Understanding Your Mortgage Agreement

86% of Mortgage Renewers Stay With Home Bank: CMHC


CMHC Insurance Now Covers 50% of New Mortgages

RECO Cracks Down on Phantom Real Estate Bids

Canada’s Housing Market is Our Biggest Economic Risk


Bank of Canada Cuts Rate to 0.50%

CD Howe: Housing Crash Report

Bracing for a Lower Loonie


How an Income Suite Can Help You Qualify for a Mortgage

Conservatives Promise New Renovation Tax Credit

Conservatives Promise to Expand Home Buyer’s Plan

Mortgage Rates to Rise in 2016: RBC


It’s Officially a Recession

Foreign Real Estate Investment: Report

August Housing Starts Hit 2012 Highs

Canada’s Debt to Income Ratio Hits 164.4%


Would You Buy a Home With a Credit Card?

Canadian Home Price Rise is 4th Highest in the World

New Liberal Changes for the Home Buyer’s Plan


Could Millennial Home Owners Survive a Housing Bust?

How Global Bonds Affect Canadian Rates

CMHC Q3 2015 Report


Liberals Hike Minimum Home Down Payment

How Do Negative Interest Rates Work?

U.S Federal Reserve Liftoff: What Canadians Need to Know

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