Summer Road Trip? How to Save on Gas!

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Ahhh, summer – the blissful 12 weeks every Canadian waits for with baited breath. Say sayanora to the office – it’s time to hit the open road! Whether you’re headed to the cottage or any number of family friendly destinations this summer, keep in mind – it’ll cost you at the gas station.

Cash in at the Pumps

Rather than drain your wealth as you fill up your tank, get a little something back – picking a credit card that’ll reward you with cash back on gas can make that happen. One of the most popular picks on our site right now is the MBNA Smart Cash Credit Card. You’ll be scoring 5 per cent cash back every time you swipe on gas and groceries for the first 6 months of use – along with 1 per cent on everything else. After that, you’ll be stashing away 3 per cent on those gas and grocery purchases. Imagine getting 5 per cent back on gas every time you head up north? That’ll make an impact!

Looking for some other easy ways to save on gas? Check out our tips:

Lighten the Load

We know it’s easy to keep your entire life in your car. If you’re anything like me, it really is just an extension of your purse. But keeping that camping gear stashed in the trunk will actually affect your mileage. Take a load off, and you’ll see it on your gas bill.

Keep Things in Working Order

It’s so crucial to keep your car in good health – keeping things tuned up and your tires in good shape, along with your oxygen sensors, spark plugs and wheel alignment will keep you running efficiently.

Chill Out

Great news! You don’t have to feel guilty about cranking up the AC on the highway this summer. Yes, it taps your fuel tank, but if you’re cruising with serious speed, opening your windows instead can cause a drag on your car – affecting your mileage up to 10 per cent!

Use our tips and you’ll be sure to save a buck or two on gas this summer – and be eco friendly!

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