How To Live a Luxurious Lifestyle On a Budget

Tips for how to live a luxurious lifestyle for less

In order to live a life of luxury on a budget, you have to first define what luxury means to you. To most people, a life of luxury includes high-end material items such as designer clothing, fancy cars and weekend getaways to spas and five-star hotels. While it’s important to live within your means, there are ways to treat yourself while sticking to your frugal lifestyle. Here are a few ways to live it up for less.

Look the Part

The biggest money trap for many is trying to keep up with the Jones’ closet. Fortunately, there are ways to look like a million bucks without spending nearly that amount. The key is having a few designer pieces that you can dress up with inexpensive accessories. These pieces can be found for cheap at season-end sales, in outlet malls, and even online. The great thing about designer clothes is that although they might be expensive, more often than not, they fit better and last longer. Think of your clothes as an investment, and look to lower end accessories to create variety in your look.

Ride In Style

Cars are without a doubt expensive toys, especially if you’re looking at something high end. While a hot set of wheels may be out of your regular budget, consider renting a fancy car for a special weekend treat or outing.

Get Away In Style

There’s nothing like a weekend getaway to help you rejuvenate for the coming work week. But a stay in a luxury hotel, especially if it’s in a big city, can set you back hundreds of dollars. There are, however, ways to score a spot in these luxe locales for cheaper. Deal sites, like Groupon and Wag Jag both have travel sections that feature weekly inexpensive getaways, both local and afar. Often they offer packages to go with your stay – dinners, spa dates, and theatre tickets – to make the deal more appealing. You could find yourself on a weekend getaway, spending very little to get there. If a more exotic location is your cup of tea, these sites also offer cheap vacation packages year round. You can find fantastic deals – hotel and flight included – for all-inclusive resorts, weekend getaways and trips abroad. Both companies send emails out just about ever yday, sharing cost-effective deals around the world.

Make sure to read the fine print though – these bargain getaways are sometimes only valid during the off season, or specific days of the week.

Dining Out On A Dime

A little research goes a long way when it comes to dining out. Even the nicest of restaurants offer great deals on their slower evenings. And often their menu items are a lot cheaper at lunch, too. Try arriving early (around five p.m.) for early bird specials. Not only will you get a great deal, but you’ll also have the place virtually to yourself. Most restaurants also offer specials on different nights of the week. Before choosing a place to eat, be sure to ask about daily and weekly specials, and take a look online to see if you can find special deals.

Say “Ahhh” At The Spa

Nothing says luxury like a day at the spa. Most ladies (and gents) will tell you, though, that hitting the spa regularly is simply out of the budget – but timing is everything! Consider swapping that Saturday massage for an after-work time slot. You can score further discounts with online deal sites – but be sure to research the spa to ensure all is legitimate and up to code before buying your voucher.

Make It Worth The Wait

The real key to living a life of luxury is to save for those special occasions and do away with the mediocre ones. Skip the quick meals, and save for the fancy ones. Trust me, you’ll learn to appreciate the special occasions more if you do.

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