Housing Market Heat Up!

Housing Market Guide
While the week’s weather may suggest otherwise, spring is officially here – and with it comes buyers eager to call a new home their own. But uncertain economic times can make for a complicated Canadian mortgage market.Looking to jump into the real estate fray? Don’t hit those open houses until you’ve read our spring mortgage season primer.

Spring Market Mortgage Slowdown?

Rising spring temperatures traditionally signal a heat up among home buyers – but with mortgage rates already at record lows, and the impact of CMHC mortgage rules still felt nationwide, what can we expect for this year’s market?

Read on to learn more about the economic factors behind current buying and selling conditions.

4 Ways to Save That Down Payment Faster

The first step to home ownership is to fatten up that piggy bank. Your down payment is the biggest defining factor when it comes to your mortgage value, amortization and monthly payments – and it’s also the biggest hurdle facing would-be owners. It can take years to save up to buy a home in Canada – but we have some tips to speed up the process!

Read Diane’s Blog | 4 Ways: Save That Down Payment Faster 

The Most Affordable Housing Market in Canada

With today’s inflated home prices, the dream of owning a detached home with a yard and picket fence are out of reach for many in Canada’s large urban centres. However, some provinces and cities are more buyer-friendly than others.

Check out our nationwide assessment of provincial housing markets to see where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Read Melanie’s Blog | The Most Affordable Housing Market in Canada 

And in this week’s finance headlines…

Should You Pay Taxes With a Credit Card?

Paying taxes with a credit card has never been an option in Canada – until now. A third party credit card company located in Toronto is now offering the service, which is not endorsed by the CRA. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering this form of payment.Read Rubina’s Blog | Pay Taxes With a Credit Card?

First Time Home Buyers Underestimate Home Ownership Costs

A common mistake made by first time home buyers is underestimating the additional costs of owning a home compared to renting – which can be an additional 40 per cent higher than mortgage payments alone.Read Gordon’s Blog | First Time Home Buyer Ownership Costs

Discount Stores More Popular in Tough Economic Times

Retail trends show that Canadians are increasingly turning to discount stores like Target and Walmart in their efforts to stem household spending and national debt levels.Read Sean’s Blog | Discount Stores More Popular in Tough Economic Times

Fewer Canadians Set To Buy a Home: RBC

A recent RBC poll finds that only 15 per cent of Canadians are looking to buy a home over the next two years – a 20-year low for would-be homeowners.Read Sean’s Blog | Fewer Canadians Set To Buy a Home 

Canadian Finance Poll – Results!

The results are in from RateSupermarket.ca’s official Canadian Finance Opinion poll. Read on to see what savvy readers really think when it comes to our future Bank of Canada governor, Canadian Mint design, and the must-have skill set for a financial advisor.Read Penelope’s  Blog | Canadian Finance Poll 

Want to win some awesome prizes? Check out this week’s poll question:
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