The Housing Market Food Chain

Housing Market Food Chain

The fact that Canada’s housing market is competitive is certainly nothing new: our “Not Your Mother’s Mortgage” poll found 88% of millennial buyers feel home prices are rising unsustainably. But all this activity has led way to a leaner, meaner home buyer, who won’t hesitate to swoop in on your dream home’s bidding war and sell it back to you for a higher price.

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Conservatives Promise to Expand Home Buyer’s Plan to $35,000

The Conservative government knows homeownership affordability is a key issue facing Canadians, and are pulling out big pre-election promises targeting would-be buyers. The latest is a $10k upping of the Home Buyer’s Plan to $35,000. But will buyers really benefit?

Read Sean’s Blog | Conservatives Promise to Expand Home Buyer’s Plan to $35,000

Contract Assignments: A New Level of Home-Buying Competition

Just when you thought bidding wars couldn’t get any fiercer, there’s a new kind of buyer in the shark tank. Contract assignments, when a successful buyer puts the home back on the market before taking possession for an even higher price, are becoming more common in hot markets like Vancouver. Here’s what buyers should know.

Read Allan’s Blog | A Whole New Level Of Home Buying Competition

My Mom Sold Her Own Home – And You Can, Too

Looking to turn your home’s equity into cold, hard cash? Selling your home can be a great way to make the most of your real estate investment – but fees like seller agent’s commission can put a dent in your profits. Doing the work yourself via sale by owner is tempting – but many are intimidated by the effort required. Here, Amanda share’s her mom’s successful sale story.

Read Amanda’s Blog | My Mom Sold Her Own Home

How to Prepare for a September U.S. Rate Hike

A September U.S. rate hike is looking more likely, as the American economy continues to improve. However, such a move would lower the loonie even further. Here’s what Canadians need to know.

Read Rubina’s Blog | How to Prepare for a September U.S. Rate Hike

How to Get Over Investor Anxiety

Do you suffer from investor anxiety? A recent BMO InvestorLine study finds 97% of Canadians feel uneasy about today’s markets. Here’s how you can overcome anxiety over your investments, and determine if they’re the best fit for your money.

Read Barry’s Blog | How to Get Over Investor Anxiety


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