Hot Tips For Summer Vacation Savings

Great ways to get summer vacation savings

The dog days of summer have arrived – and for many, that means taking off some well deserved vacation time. Whether you plan to road trip, jet set to new destinations, or even just kick it local, all play and no work can be pricey.

Read on for our ways to keep your cash cool this summer, while having an absolute blast!

6 Mouthwatering BBQ Savings Tips

Summer means firing up the grill on the regular – and what could be more fun than having the gang over for a few backyard burgers?

While the eating may be good in the warm weather months, throwing a bbq bash isn’t exactly cheap. Here’s how to cut down on your grocery and entertaining costs this summer.

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Awesome Staycation Ideas That Save Money

Can’t muster the funds to get out of dodge this summer? Don’t fret – sticking close to home doesn’t have to be a drag! Turn your vacation into a staycation by putting a new spin on local favourites. Not only will you still have a blast – but you could save a bundle, too.

Read on for ways to create an enjoyable day on the town, and how to keep your costs low while out and about.

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Must-Know Vacation Money Saving Tips

You’ve suffered through the cold winter months, and the nine-to-five office slog – now it’s time for that much deserved vacation! Whether you’re hitting the open road or taking to the skies, stop to consider your budget!

All those restaurants, hotels and shopping while on vacation can really add up. Here’s how to have a blast while being kind to your bank account.

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And on the newsstand this week…

July Mortgage Rates Rise With Summer Heat

High government of Canada bond yields point to continuously high July mortgage rates, according to’s expert panel.

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Is Your Vacation Properly Insured?

Taking off for summer vacation? Don’t leave home without the right car or travel insurance. The right coverage can save you literally tens of thousands of dollars in case of injury or illness, loss of baggage and flight cancellations.

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Loblaw Shoppers Drug Mart Acquisition: Good News For Bargain Buyers

The recent acquisition of Shoppers Drug Mart by Loblaw Cos Ltd. is a move that challenges the onslaught of American big box retailers in Canada. Does this mean lower prices for Canadian consumers?

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Are Canadian Debt Levels Better Than The U.S.?

The Department of Finance has long warned against the hazardous debt levels reached by Canadian households. After all, current debt-to-income ratios rival those of the U.S., right before the economic downturn. However, a new report by TD Economics suggests the situation calls for less doom and gloom than previously thought.

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How To Get An Online Shopping Refund

Looking to get an online shopping refund? The process can be tricky when returning to stores cross-border. Check out these tips for getting your money back, including a new company that’ll deal with the red tape and legwork on your behalf – for a price.

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Trimming Teen Car Insurance Costs

Teen car insurance costs are often higher than those of mature drivers as their lack of experience poses higher risk on the road. Here are a few ways to save on insurance when you teen is behind the wheel.

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Couples Not Always Truthful About Finances: TD Poll

A recent TD poll found that 22% of couples stretch the truth when it comes to their finances, as it remains a taboo topic for many.

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You Answered!

This week's poll

WIN by answering our poll!

This week, we asked our Money Wise readers:

What do you spend most on in the summer? 

43% say travel – whether heading to the cottage, or jetting to a more exotic locale, gas or plane costs can take a big bite out of your wallet.

35.9% say entertainment – family and friend bbq costs can really add up.

19.8% say home and car maintenance – keeping cool can cost big bucks, especially if energy efficient upgrades are needed.

Get in on the winning action this week by answering the question:

How do you save on your summer gas costs?

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