Hot Real Estate Market: Tips for Sellers

Hot Real Estate Market: Tips for Sellers

If you’re preparing to sell your house and the market is hot – make sure you don’t get burned! Here’s a list of our quick tips that will prepare you to sell when the market is hot.

Forget Certainty.

Your agent should be able to give you a general idea of how much to list your house for, and how much interest it will generate. However, nothing is for certain and anything can happen.

External factors, such as a big layoff in your area, or, a fabulous house down the street going on the market can impact buyers. Be realistic, and be prepared for anything.

Don’t get Greedy.

Even if prices are soaring in your neighbourhood, be cautious about asking too much. A too-high price can turn off buyers, even when there are lots of them.

Think like a Buyer.

It’s difficult to see your home with fresh eyes. But even if the market is on fire, buyers may still shy away from your place if you have no backyard, your kitchen is seriously outdated, or your condo faces a highway.

Listen to your agent and make the kind of upgrades and repairs that will satisfy today’s buyers, even if you’re not crazy about them.


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