Help – I’m a Home Buyer!

Helpful tips for the first time home buyer

Venturing into the world of real estate? It can be a jungle out there – but the real fun starts at your bank; tricky mortgage qualification, hidden closing costs and even fraudsters can trip up any intrepid home buyer.

Navigate the home buying process with ease with this week’s tips – from understanding title insurance to boosting your credit score, they’re sure to answer your top mortgage FAQs.

How You Can Lose Your Home To Title Fraud

The deed is signed, the mortgage acquired and the keys are in your hand – there’s nothing standing in the way of owning that home, right? Turns out, you could be vulnerable to scammers pulling title fraud – and they can sneak your home right out from under you.

Here’s how to protect yourself from title fraud, and what to do if you think you may be a victim of identity theft.
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12 Ways Home Closing Costs Can Surprise You

So you’ve negotiated your buying price and have scored your mortgage… but your spending days aren’t over yet! Closing costs can be a rude financial awakening for those not prepared – all those taxes, commissions, inspections and insurance fees seem out to drain your wallet of its last dollar.

Don’t venture into home ownership unprepared – check out this list of the most common closing costs, and what to start saving for before you buy.

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How To Better Qualify For A Mortgage

Not sure whether you’ll get the financing you need for your home purchase? Have you been declined in the past for loans, or carry large amounts of bad debt? This uncertainty can make the mortgage process even more stressful – and you thought finding your dream home was hard enough!

Up your chances of home ownership with these top ways to spruce up your debt load and credit rating. You’ll be home, sweet home in no time!

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Up to speed on this week’s finance news? Check out our hottest headlines!

Can Canada Avoid Another Calgary Flood Insurance Debacle?

This summer’s Calgary flood insurance claims are the most expensive in Canada’s history, at $1.7 billion, and many homeowners were denied payments due to insufficient coverage. Now, there’s talk of making overland flood insurance accessible to Canadians – but a number of preventative measures need to take place first.

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New Rules Could Expose The CEO Income Gap

The CEO income gap refers to the difference between the earnings of the big boss and those of the lowest paid employee – a proposed U.S. rule may force companies to make this information public.

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Should I Buy A House For My College Student?

Living expenses can be huge in college or university. Living in a dorm or off-campus housing can cost up to $30,000 over four years! But would you consider actually buying a home for your child to live in while at school? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of creating student housing equity.

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Good Ontario Drivers Are In For A 15% Car Insurance Discount

A 15% car insurance discount will be rolled out over the next 2 years for Ontario drivers. Here’s what you need to know about the change, and steps to take to get even lower premiums.

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Canadians Are Willing To Go Into Debt For Vacation: BMO

Are you planning to take a vacation this fall? A new BMO study finds Canadians are willing to go into debt to finance their getaways. Looking to save costs and get some badly needed R&R? Check out the frugal tips for taking time off.

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Why Mortgages And Retirement Don’t Go Together

Mortgages and retirement used to signal two separate life stages. These days though, retirees find themselves still paying down their homes.

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Travel Rewards Credit Cards: Customers Want The Full Story

A recent survey released by Capital One indicates that consumers are reexamining their travel rewards credit card options, especially in the aftermath of the TD / CIBC Aerogold sale that still leaves consumers looking for answers.

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BlackBerry, What Went Wrong?

How the mighty have fallen – BlackBerry, once one of Canada’s largest tech firms and a smartphone industry leader, has been sold and will be taken private. What’s behind the company’s massive fall from grace?

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The Canadian Economy Is On The Right Track: Poloz Speech

In his most significant speech since assuming the Bank of Canada governor position, Stephen Poloz announced his stance this week on Canada’s economic progress. According to him, our nation is on track for natural growth and expansion.

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You Answered!

This week, we asked:

What tricky mortgage technicality trips you up the most?

57.1% of those polled say home closing clauses were the most confusing part of the buying process.
25% were daunted by debt affecting their mortgage qualification.
17.9% said understanding how they could be vulnerable to crimes such as title fraud threw them through a loop.
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