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Halloween Savings tips

Happy Halloween! The ghoulish holiday has arrived, and with it the parties, getups and treats. In fact, a recent study finds Canadians will shell out more this year than before. Is your wallet screaming yet?

And that brings us to another terrifying financial undertaking – choosing your mortgage. The results are in from our Online Mortgage Survey on what YOU need to make the best choice. Read on for the full story.

In Mortgages: The Right Pro is as Important as Price

Home buyers may be turning to online resources to learn more about their mortgage options – but our recent study finds mortgage brokers remain an integral part of the process. In fact, 73 per cent of respondents say connecting with a pro is an absolute must when searching for that perfect mortgage rate. Read on for our findings, and to learn more about how a broker can help you save on your mortgage.

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In Credit Cards: Could This Be The End of Credit Card Interchange Fees?

Did you know – you pay for credit card swipe fees in-store, even when you pay with cash or debit? Interchange fees have been a point of contention with retailers for years – and now the Conservative government wants credit card providers to lower them – or face a ruling if compromise cannot be reached. The result will affect you as a consumer – and could change some of your favourite features on your credit card.

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In Economic News: The Horror! Halloween Costs On The Rise

Shoppers are expected to rack up some creepy, crawly credit to celebrate Halloween this year, according to a new survey by RetailMeNot. It found that costs for costumes and candy will be higher this year, and consumers are anticipated to pay big bucks for their spooky style.

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Will Lower Oil Prices Hurt Canada?

Oil prices in Canada have been in a free-fall, recently dropping under $80 per barrel. While this is great news for drivers – who doesn’t love saving at the pump? – there could be hard consequences for our country’s oil-rich economy.

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MasterCard Introduces Thumbprint Credit Card Technology

MasterCard has introduced cutting-edge thumbprint credit card authorization technology, to launch first in the UK. Read on to learn more about how it works.

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The Best Grocery Apps: 4 Reviews

Looking for some inspiration in the kitchen? These grocery apps will help you make the most of what’s on your list with cost-saving recipes, coupons and more. Read on for our top 4 reviews.

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Smokers and Life Insurance: Do You Have Enough Coverage?

Smokers and life insurance: Do you have enough coverage? A UK-based study finds many don’t, leaving their families with financial challenges.

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On for a second week!

Will you rely on credit to afford the holiday season?

Tweet your answer to @RateSupermarket with #RSMWin to enter for a $25 gift card!

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