The Best Grocery Apps: 4 Reviews

Best grocery apps: reviews

By: Justin Kozuch

This week on Funance and (tasty) Tech – Justin takes your shopping list to the next level with his roundup of money-saving grocery apps.

Ah, grocery shopping. That Saturday morning ritual we all love to hate. Making a list, corraling the kids, trying to find the linen shopping bags in the front closet. While we can’t help with the kids or the linen bags, we can help you with making a list and saving some money at the same time. We took a trip through the produce section to find the freshest apps on the market. Get those coupons ready and hold to your grocery carts!

Checkout 51


Checkout 51 is part coupon app, part deals app – and all awesome. Every Thursday, they push a new group of deals to their app and to their website. No more leafing through flyers, cutting out coupons and suffering through paper cuts (ouch!). Here’s the best part: Take a picture of your receipt and get cashback on your purchases. Save $20 and they mail you a cheque. Signup is free and is available at major Canadian grocery stores such as Superstore, No Frills, Sobeys, Shoppers Drug Mart and many more.

Download: iOS | Android


Yummly FINAL

Yummly is a recipe search engine site with a Pinterest-style look. In addition to the delicious recipes sourced from all over the Internet, they also offer a grocery list app with a twist. Have a bottle of oyster sauce, but don’t know what to make with it? Scan the bottle and it instantly gives you a list of dishes you can make with it. Then add the ingredients to your shopping list. Easy, right? Be right back, we’re going to the fridge.

Download: iPhone | iPad


Snap Final

Snap is very similar to Checkout 51 in that they offer weekly deals through their mobile apps and website. And like their counterpart, they’ll mail you a cheque once you’ve saved $20. Signup is free and is available to Canadian consumers.

Download: iOS | Android

PC Plus

PC Final

The PC Plus app features a number of different tools, including account management for your PC Financial credit cards, recipe suggestions for those “what do I make for dinner?” days and personalized offers that can be redeemed in-store.

Download: iOS | Android

Some Final Thoughts

Grocery apps are the next step in shopper marketing. As more and more grocery chains embrace mobile and find new ways to build loyalty with their customers, it is safe to assume that the traditional grocery list will be a thing of the past.

Have you used your mobile device to store and redeem coupons? Would you? Why or why not? Add your 2 cents in the comments below.

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Justin Kozuch

Justin Kozuch is a Toronto-based writer who frequently writes words about technology, startups, and marketing. Check out his blog here.

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