Go Green And Save!

Tips to go green and save money

Friday, April 19, 2013

Earth Day is right around the corner – and what better way to celebrate the advance of spring than with some go-green and get-green tips!

Whether you’re looking to increase your recycling habits, clean up your home’s energy use, or even grow your own savings, we’ve got tips that’ll help you save the environment and some cash.

Save Money With the Three Rs

We’re all familiar with the concept of recycling – but did you know that reducing and reusing are the real money savers?

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – whether you’re planning to hold a garage sale, stuff swap, or just looking to unload unwanted knick knacks online, check out these ways to make money while you’re at it.

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3 Ways to Go Green Around The House

Did you know that Canadian households contribute almost half of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions? If you’re surprised by these steep stats, you’re not alone – but fortunately there are ways to make your home more environmentally friendly.

Read on for ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, and clean up your power providers. It may even save you a few bucks, too!

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Vegetable Garden Tips To Cut Food Costs

Looking to grow your own savings? Growing a vegetable garden is one great way to cut down on your grocery costs. In fact, up to $600 worth of produce can be grown from just $70 worth of seeds! Seems like a great way to add some green to your life – but start up costs can be significantly higher than dirt cheap.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering growing a garden for savings.

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And in this week’s finance headlines…

What Is A Bitcoin?

What is a Bitcoin? This hot new digital currently has topped investing headlines – and left some scratching their heads. Read on to learn what they are, how you can get some – and what you should watch out for.

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Lessons Learned From Tax Cheaters

Tax avoidance and evasion are hot button topics right now, as measures are taken to crack down on cheaters both locally and internationally. Here’s a breakdown of the top cheat headlines – and the lessons learned from these attempts to cheat and prosper.

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Should You Splurge or Save That Tax Refund?

Many see their tax refund as a bonus but keep in mind, it was your money to start with! Is it smarter to spend or save that refund? Check out the pros and cons.

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PC Financial Introduces 2.6% High Interest Savings

PC Financial introduces a 2.6% high interest savings account as lenders compete for consumer deposit business. It’s a great opportunity for consumers to focus on their savings – but what are the economic forces behind the interest rate hike?

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Rate Battle: The Lowest 5 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate In Canada

It has been a busy week indeed for five year fixed mortgage rates! As of press time, the lowest rate in Canada is 2.65%! Offered in Ontario, this is a full featured mortgage with flexible prepayment options. What could you save with a record breaking rate like this one? Read on to find out!

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Canadian Housing Market Update: CREA Recap

The CREA March numbers are in for the Canadian Housing Market Update – sales continue to slump nationwide, while prices make modest gains.

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How To Have a Debt Free Vacation

A new TD study finds that Canadians are relying too heavily on their credit cards when on vacation. Check out these tips for a debt free vacation.

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You Answered!

This week on Money Wise, we asked Canadians:

What environmentally friendly and money saving habit would you try?

47.3% of poll respondents said they’d most like to implement efficient energy and household improvements to simultaneously go greener and cut down on their bills.

28.4% say they’re spending too much on convenience, and want to cut down on their consumption of prepackaged and prepared foods.

18.9% think starting a vegetable garden to cut their grocery costs would be the way to go.

5.4% would rather cut back on their car use in favour of public transit or bikes.

Check out our WIN page to answer next week’s question – and the chance to score some awesome prizes!

What’s your biggest tax filing challenge?

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