Get Ready For the RRSP Rush


There’s just 11 days until this year’s RRSP contribution deadline – will you be scrambling to make the most of your return?

While RRSPs can be used a multitude of ways, and enjoy a variety of tax benefits, it’s not always clear whether they’re the right choice for your finances. Check out our retirement savings spotlight below, and see if you should set up an RRSP while there’s still time.

Your RRSP FAQs – Answered!

Using an RRSP to save for retirement, homeownership or education is meant to be an easy way to earmark funds for the future – but the accompanying tax and contribution requirements are confusing for many. Here, we answer some of your top RRSP FAQs.

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The Best Credit Cards for Wedding Planning

Did your sweetheart pop the question last weekend? Congratulations – you’ve now entered the wedding planning stage. Pulling together such a momentous event can be a costly and stressful process – but with all that credit card swiping comes big point earning potential. Here are our top plastic picks for offsetting your wedding costs.

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Will Greece Leave the Euro?

Tensions are rising between the mediterranean nation and Germany, as debt negotiations fall through. Will Greece be forced to exit the Euro – and how would the rest of Europe (and its trading partners) be affected?

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3 Ways to Grow Your RRSP Faster

Looking to grow your rrsp savings at a faster pace? These three strategies can give your retirement fund a big boost.

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How I Used RSPs to Buy a Home

Is it a good idea to use RSPs to buy a home? The Home Buyers’ Plan can help you get your downpayment together, faster. MoneyWise writer Rubina shares her experience tapping into the plan.

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