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The holiday spending season is coming up quick – and if you’re overwhelmed by Christmas costs this year, you’re not alone. A study from Field Agent Canada finds each Canadian can expect to shell out $885 each for gifts, travel and the great roast beast. No wonder shoppers don’t feel festive about their finances this time of year!

Get Ready for the Holiday Rush

Are you prepared for the impending spend free-for-all? While it’s sweet to pay for the holidays in cash, the reality is many turn to credit to make their budgets possible.

Here’s a hot tip for those planning to use their plastic during the holiday rush: make sure your card earns some serious points.

No, we’re not talking brownie points with Santa; the credit card you’re using at this time of year should earn real value, whether in cash back or gas dollars, travel miles, or specialty rewards.

Not sure if your current credit card is up to the task? Check out’s newest tool: Our Ultimate Rewards Calculator!

Introducing…’s Ultimate Rewards Calculator!

Use our new tool to see how your credit card compares to the Market Leader and the Market Average. See how much you could be saving… and which cards are worth making the switch.

Rewards Credit Card PLUS

How Much Will I Save?

Let's calculate my savings with's Credit Card Rewards Calculator!

5 Easy Steps to Holiday Rewards and Savings

Step 1: Pick your current bank


Step 2: Pick your credit card


Step 3: Choose your preferred rewards


Step 4: Tell us about you to get matched with the perfect credit card for your spending habits.



Step 5: See how much you could be saving!


How Do I Read My Results?

Your results has 3 parts: What your current card earns, what the market average card earns, and what the best card earns. Thinking of making the switch? Check out our top recommendations below!


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