Gear Your Budget to Hockey Season

Ways to save on Canada's favourite cold weather sport.October 12, 2012

Thanksgiving has passed, and the holiday shopping day countdown is ticking away – must be hockey season! Our fair nation may be standing on guard as the NHL remains embroiled in a lockout dispute, but amateur players and parents everywhere are pulling out their wallets to take to the ice – and our national sport ain’t cheap.

Dust off those zambonis – we’ve got the ultimate savings guide for the ultimate hockey fan.

The Economic Impact of the NHL Lockout

Not just a huge disappointment for avid fans, the NHL lockout poses consequences for far more than players’ wallets.

When it comes to the economic fallout of putting Canada’s favourite game on ice, venue staff, merchandise retailers – even local entertainment entrepreneurs – are on the front line. Read on to see how the lockout is affecting jobs nation-wide.

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Coping With the Cost of Kids Hockey

The pros may have hung up their skates, but your tyke can’t wait to hit the ice. Kids’ hockey is one of the most popular Canadian past times. However being a patriotic athlete can cost an arm and a leg, depending on skill level and age.

We’ve got tips for taking the edge off your child’s hockey expenses – so everyone can afford to play.

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Skating Rink Savings

True fans aren’t letting a little thing like the lockout keep them from their favourite sport. As hockey season begins, rinks across the nation are opening their doors for amateur and league teams alike. Check out our guide to catching the best of amateur hockey – and our tips for saving money at the rink when the pros return (because they will eventually… right?)

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And in this week’s news headlines…

Canadian Travellers Cross US Border to Fly

Each year roughly five million Canadian travellers cross the border to fly out of U.S. airports in attempts to avoid steep Canadian airfare fees and taxes.

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Canadians May Have Less Personal Debt: RBC Poll

A recent poll finds that Canadians are lowering their personal debt through less spending – but they continue to be anxious about their remaining debt levels.

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How to Resolve Cable Bill Conflicts

If you’ve uncovered an error on your cable bill, or are the victim of gross overcharging, it can be tempting to go on the attack. After all, having your hard earned money squandered by a big corporation isn’t to be taken lightly. But fear not – there are ways to effectively solve your bill crisis (and they don’t have to involve yelling).

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No Spooky, Scary October Mortgage Rate Surprises

Economic factors affecting mortgage rates have seen little change over the past month, prompting’s expert panel to believe stability is in store for both fixed and variable rates.

Read Kelvin’s Blog | No Spooky, Scary October Mortgage Rate Surprises To Boost Mortgage Down Payment, Canada’s independent financial rate comparison site, is easing the mortgage costs for at least one home buyer, offering the chance to win $5,000 cash towards their down payment.

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You Answered!

This week's pollThis week as asked Canadians:

What is your biggest Autumn expense?

61.9% of you say when it comes time to prepare for fall, cold weather home and car updates take the biggest chunk out of your wallet.

31.8% of respondents say the holidays deliver the biggest financial blow – and it’s a struggle to recover for the new year.

6.4% say updating that winter wardrobe with new coats, hats and scarves is their biggest cold weather expense.

Want the chance to WIN a free Tim Horton’s gift card? Check out this week’s question: What’s your worst bank account-affecting bad behaviour?

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