Frugal Family Fun for the Summer

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Summertime is when family can spend more time together. It’s also a time when kids get bored. Tight family budgets don’t have to mean you can’t enjoy these months off school. There are many fun activities you can do together that won’t break the bank. You can give back, explore nature and even delve into some entrepreneurial endeavours.

Get Outdoors

Nature and summer seem to go hand in hand. Check out your local parks to go on a hike, play family games, or have a picnic. Closer to home you can set up a tent in your backyard and camp out for the evening — or even a week.

Summer is also the time for fairs, farmers’ markets and free outdoor events. Have a look at your local calendar to see what’s happening. Often, these venues will have activities just for kids and a variety of attractions for older youths as well.

Explore Your Community

During the school year you might not have time to visit your local community centre — and you may be missing out on a great resource. Over the summer you can participate in a number of kids programs, from music and art camps to recreational athletics. Usually fees for these programs are significantly cheaper than through a private organization.

Getting to know your hometown is another option. Check out your local tourism office and see what the city promotes to visitors to the city. Often the well-known attractions are not well-trafficked by locals. Some may offer discounts or special deals to in-town residents.

While you’re getting to know the sights of the city, you might make a game of it. Have a scavenger hunt where family members have to spot famous landmarks, local plants and animals, and anything else that makes your home unique.

Get Entrepreneurial

Summer is also a great time to bring out your creative side. If you and your kids are exploring a farmer’s market or craft fair, ask them if they feel inspired to create anything of their own. This could be a new hobby or an entryway into their own booth at a fair next year. Of course, making money doesn’t need to be the ultimate goal. Kids can get satisfaction out of creating something and giving it away to family or friends.


Nonprofit organizations often run summer programs for kids to get involved. Research an area of interest for your children and see what local groups have available. Your nearby animal shelter may have educational camps or other ways to be of service. Older children can get involved in regular volunteer programs while they have the extra time over the summer. It can be a meaningful way for parents and youths to spend time together.

Find More Ways to Save Money

Ultimately, summer is about fun. You don’t have to sacrifice your enjoyment for the sake of tightening your budget. To keep your household finances in good shape year-round, check out advice and options for comparing auto, home, travel insurance and more at

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