From City to Suburb

From City to Suburb

Shrinking home affordability has topped Canadian housing headlines for weeks running – and it’s no surprise, as prices in urban centres push past the $1-million mark. In fact, according to our recent poll, 83% of millennial home buyers feel that it’s less affordable to buy in today’s market than in generations past – yet only 37% you would make the trek to a new region in order to afford a bigger home.

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Would You Move to Afford a Bigger Home?

For many city dwellers, a detached house with a yard is out of reach financially – and the need to move to afford a bigger home is a reality. Is swapping the city for suburban square footage worth it? One homeowner shares her story – and her commute time.

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Canada’s Banks Go Big on Prepaid Credit Cards

Prepaid credit cards are the next big thing among Canada’s big banks, who are touting them as a risk-free way to shop online, teach kids about credit use, and securely replace cash. However, they come with a healthy helping of fees. Here’s what you should know.

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Save Cash With the Second Hand Economy

Did you know: the second-hand economy is a $30-billion business in Canada? Buying and selling gently used goods can save you a bundle. In fact, the average family of four could save about $1,150 per year by buying used. Want to buy and sell at a discount? Here are our top tips.

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Has the Grexit Finally Arrived?

Is the long-feared Grexit upon us? As Greece defaults on its IMF loans and risks removal from the Eurozone, concerns arise over the global economic impact. Here’s what you need to know.

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Canada Day: What Makes Our Economy Tick

Happy Canada Day! As our great nation celebrates another birthday, it’s time to look at  the economic factors supporting the land we call home – and what we contribute to the rest of the world.

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