Four Ways to Save Money on Christmas Dinner

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Saving Money on Christmas Dinner

No matter what you celebrate, the holidays are an expensive time of year. Houses are decorated, gifts are given, and delicious foods are eaten with family and friends. Any celebration often comes with a steep price tag – the family dinner is no exception – but thankfully there are always ways to cut costs and stay frugal without compromising on quality and fun. Here are our top four tips for saving money on the grocery bill during the Christmas season.

Shop early

Plan ahead, make a list and start early. Last minute shopping means being rushed to purchase your ingredients at a set price wherever you can find them, instead of taking advantage of discounts offered in the weeks leading up to the holidays.

Start your shopping now and scout out the best deals. With shopping apps like Flipp, it has never been so easy to comparison shop. And while driving around to multiple stores in order to get discounts sounds exhausting, you can find a retailer that offers price matching to ensure convenience.

Enlist help and don’t buy premade

Premade dishes are often more expensive than making something from scratch. Cooking everything from scratch, however, does take a considerable amount of time and energy. Since you only have two hands, enlist a few family members or friends to arrive beforehand and help you create your masterpiece dishes.

Want to take it one step further? Have a “prep party” a day or two in advance. You’ll get the opportunity to spend additional quality time with your loved ones – isn’t that what the holidays are really about?

Make it dry

A booze-y party sounds like a good time, but a dry party can be just as fun – we promise. Use your creativity (or some research) to craft a number of mock-tails. Your guests won’t even miss the wine with these delicious concoctions. Non-alcoholic beverages often use basic ingredients like soda water and fruit juice, which will cost you a fraction of the price of alcohol. Also, no drunk uncles are a bonus.

Load up on the veggies

If you’re cooking a traditional holiday spread, your turkey is usually the main event, and these bad boys generally cost a pretty penny. Your sides, however, offer an opportunity to be frugal. Keep it simple and delicious by loading up on veggies. For instance, baked green beans, mashed sweet potatoes and honey-glazed carrots offer a beautiful and tasty variety – and will only cost a few bucks to make. No need to go overboard with extra meats or fancy ingredients. Stick with the basics and do it well without breaking the bank.

When it comes to organizing your holiday dinner, the key to saving money is taking the extra time to plan your menu, budget, and choose your ingredients wisely. Do this and you’ll be able to stretch your dollar and focus more on getting into the holiday spirit.

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