Five Home Heating Tips to Keep You Warm All Winter Long

A mother and daughter reading a book together.With winter just around the corner, there’s no better time to start preparing for cold weather. Take action now before the next polar vortex snows you in!

Heating accounts for 61 percent of the energy used in the typical Canadian home. Since heating accounts for so much of your energy use, any way you can keep the warm air inside the house is a dollar saved. Plus, it’s better for the environment.

Here are five ways you can keep your home warm all winter long.

1. Watch Your Windows

A typical house loses 10-25 percent of its heat through the windows. To get your heat loss under control, consider replacing single-pane windows with double-pane. This will significantly reduce the amount of heat that escapes.

Try being strategic with your curtains. When it’s sunny outside, let in the free heat with a smile. When it’s dark and cold outside, close the curtains and guard your home against the frigid air.

As a general rule, anything you can do to increase the barrier between your cozy home and the cold outside world can help. Insulate the cavities of your windows. Shut the door quickly when entering the house. Make sure your windows are completely locked.

2. Insulate Your Home

In an uninsulated home, roughly 25 percent of the heat is lost through the roof. Don’t lose your heat! Inexpensive insulation can be bought at most large hardware stores.

For lofts and attics, you can often use rolls of mineral wool or similar insulation. If you want to insulate your walls or other hard-to-reach places, consider installing your insulation with a blower machine. You can rent one yourself or hire a professional.

Insulation can often last for as much as 40 years, so it’s worth the investment. A weekend do-it-yourself project can easily pay for itself before you know it.

3. Take Care of Your Furnace

When is the last time you changed your furnace’s filter? Experts suggest that you change the filter at least two times per year. In addition, you should have your furnace professionally cleaned at least once a year.

It can also help to pay attention to your heating ducts. If you find any leaks, patching them up with duct putty or foil tape can ensure your heat makes it all the way to the vents. Afterward, you can insulate the ducts for bonus points.

4. Keep the Hot Water Hot

It’s estimated that 17.7 percent of residential energy costs are spent on water heating. Wrapping up your water heater and hot water pipes in insulation can result in big savings.

5. Don’t Lose Heat to the Fireplace

If you have an open fireplace, you might be losing some of your heat. The flames require oxygen to burn. Unfortunately, the fire will take air right from the living space you’ve just spent money to heat with your furnace.

To lose less heat, install a glass pane in front of the hearth. The fireplace will take in cold air from the chimney, heat the glass, and help your house stay toasty.

6. Don’t Crowd the Heat Source

Keep furniture, curtains, and clothing away from your heat vents, radiator, and other heat sources. These items can soak up the heat, preventing it from circulating around your home. With all the work you’ve put into getting your house ready for the winter, you want to be sure your hard-earned heat warms up the whole room.

While keeping your house nice and toasty is never a bad thing, keeping it insured is far more important. Compare home insurance rates today to find the right rate for you!

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