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Saving for retirement, paying down your mortgage, preparing for your child’s education; it’s easy to be overwhelmed by life’s financial goals. When it comes to your hard earned money, sometimes it’s in your best interest to ask for a helping hand.

A financial advisor can set your savings on the right track, introduce you to investment opportunities, and help you identify the best strategy for your money. Check out our guide to picking the right pro.

Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

It’s time to come clean: are you in need of some professional help? Even if your savings or investments are small, working with a financial advisor can effectively grow your money.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of seeking financial advice, and understanding your financial advisor’s fee structure.

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6 Goals To Discuss With Your Financial Advisor

Planning for the future isn’t just about saving for retirement – and not every investment is designed to help you “get rich, quick”. When working with a financial advisor, it’s important to identify key financial goals, both long and short term.

Not entirely sure what those goals should be? Read on for our guide to discussing strategy with your financial advisor.

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Are You With The Right Financial Advisor?

Sure, you’ve seen a return on your investment – but could your advisor be doing more for you? Choose the best pro for your needs – and assess whether they’re really getting the job done – with these 5 key questions.

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And in this week’s finance headlines…

CRTC New Wireless Code: Will Consumers Really Save?

The CRTC new wireless code bans 3-year contracts and caps roaming charges at $100. It’s great news for consumers frustrated with shoddy service and lack of competition – but will mobile carriers counter with further restrictions and charges?

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How Bond Yields Affect Fixed Mortgage Rates

There is a close relationship between fixed mortgage rates and government of Canada bond yields. Read on to see if a recent spike means higher mortgage rates.

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What You Need To Know About Canada’s Deficit

The preliminary numbers are in on Canada’s deficit, and they show a decrease in debt along with stronger economic growth. Is this truly good news for Canadians?

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Young People Need To Forget About Retirement

It’s a good idea to focus on retirement early on, but some young people may be better off paying down their debt.

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How Municipal Overspending May Affect Your Taxes

Municipal overspending may be leading Canada’s largest cities into a financial crisis of their own – and taxpayers are on the hook.

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CMHC Reports 54% Decline In Insured Mortgages

The latest Q1 2013 report from CMHC shows a 54% in insured mortgages compared to March of 2012. Last summer’s mortgage rules are a contributing factor, as fewer buyers qualify for financing, and are choosing to save longer for their home down payments.

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Do you have a financial advisor?

65.2% of poll takers say they do not use a financial advisor at all, and manage all of their finances on their own.

12% say they do use an advisor on a regular basis, and they are integral to their strategy for investing, retirement planning, and other financial goals.

12% say they aren’t sure if a financial advisor would be right for them.

10.9% say that while they don’t work with an advisor yet, they are considering whether it would be a good fit for their financial goals.

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