Finance Lessons For Kids

Finance lessons for kids that promote financial literacy

June 14, 2013

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The financial lessons we learn in childhood set the stage for our economic success later in life. However, today’s consumer is surrounded by encouragement to spend and rack up credit. What can parents do to cut through this spendthrift static?

For many, financial literacy starts in the home. If you’re looking to impart the value of a dollar on your child, check out our guide to starting the conversation.

3 Tips For Teens: Get a Summer Job

Everyone remembers their first gig – and the sweet feeling of holding their paycheque for the very first time. Employment is a great way for teens to gain appreciation for the value of a dollar, and develop the money management skills they’ll need later in life.

Unfortunately, not all teens are keen to swap the couch for the workplace this summer – but you can help! Check out these top ways to make your teen employable.

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5 Fun Financial Literacy Activities For Kids

School may be ending for the summer, but the opportunities for learning don’t have to. With so many family outings and trips taking place this season, why not add financial literacy to the mix?

From zoo outings to the week’s groceries, here are some ways to turn daily activities into valuable finance takeaways.

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The 6 Most Important Money Lessons For Kids

According to a poll, half of adults say they learned the most about money management from their parents – yet for many, it’s a challenge to open up to their kids about financial matters.

Looking for a way to broach the topic? Here are six important finance lessons to teach your kids.

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Hot and Fresh Finance Headlines!

Lock In While They’re Low

The June outlook has been released by’s expert panel, and an increase is anticipated for fixed mortgage rates.

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Canadians Spend An Average Of $95 On Father’s Day Gifts

A new BMO study shows Canadians spend an average of $95 on Father’s Day gifts. Looking to spoil Dad without breaking the bank? Check out these frugal gift ideas that’ll still make you Dad’s favourite.

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Pension Plan Solvency: Good News For Members

Low interest rates lead to higher pension plan solvency, according to The Mercer Pensions Health Index. It’s good news for members of company sponsored pension plans.

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Is It Possible To Short The Canadian Housing Market?

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty recently expressed disapproval toward those who plan to short the Canadian housing market. How does short selling work, and could it apply to Canada’s market conditions?

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How Property Tax Deferral Programs Can Save Your Home

Property tax deferral programs, created to help seniors maintain affordability in their homes, are gaining traction across Canada.

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TD Fixed Mortgage Rates Also Rise

TD fixed mortgage rates are the next to increase, as Government of Canada bond yields continue to trend higher.

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RBC To Hike Fixed Mortgage Rates

RBC has announced an increase in their fixed mortgage rates, to go into effect June 10. What are the economic factors that lead to fixed mortgage rate change?

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You Answered

This week we asked our readers:

What taught you the most about money management?

50% of respondents say the bulk of their financial literacy education came from their parents – it was an important topic in the home and they were directly involved with their family’s money management.

43.2% say their first summer job provided a financial wakeup call, and taught them the basics of spending and saving wisely.

6.8% say they learned the most about financial literacy in a classroom.

Get in on the winning action with this week’s question:

What is the most stressful aspect of getting a mortgage?

Hope you found this week’s finance guide helpful. Remember, your lovely editor LOVES to hear from you! Send all of your questions, comments, praise and critiques via comments, or visit us on Facebook and Twitter!


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