Falling In Love? That’ll Be $45,151.88

How much does romance cost for the average Canadian?

RateSupermarket.ca Research Study Finds Average Cost Of Romance Rising Each Year

The Beatles may have crooned “money can’t buy me love”, but it turns out those warm and fuzzy feelings do have a financial impact – $45,151.88, to be precise.

The research team at RateSupermarket.ca has calculated the most recent cost of amour in this year’s Cost of Love study – and found it has increased by $1,309.80 since last year. As all relationships are unique, the study is based on the average expenses associated with a one-year dating period, one-year engagement, followed by the average Canadian nuptials – and found from first date to tying the knot, Canadians are paying up large for puppy love. Penelope Graham, Editor at RateSupermarket.ca, states that while the study is tongue in cheek, the end totals highlight the need for daily budget awareness and forward financial planning. “While you can’t put a price on a personal connection, Canadians should be aware that they will incur expenses as a result of their dating habits and relationships, Graham says. “These costs in turn should be accounted for, along with the long-term impact ongoing relationships will have on a financial plan.”

How Much Does Love Cost You?

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The Cost of Love In Canada

From wooing to weddings, Canadians are paying up large for puppy love. Check out the top expenses couples face from casual dating all the way to the big day.

The cost of love in Canada is $45,151.88!

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