Dropping Temps, Rising Rates

Dropping Temps Rising Rates

The numbers are in – and while it’s clear Canada is emerging from our brief recession, growth has been a little less sparkly than economists hoped. The most recent Bank of Canada move leaves interest rates unchanged, while the world winds up for what the U.S. Fed has in store later this month. How will this affect your bottom line? Read on to find out.

Not the Merriest Mortgage Season

On the market for a new mortgage or renewal? You won’t have the jolliest time this month as lenders roll back their discounts on fixed and variable mortgage rates. What’s causing this price uptick? Our Mortgage Rate Outlook Panel reveals their forecast.

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Canadian Mortgage Debt Improving: CMHC Q3 Report

We may be taking on increasingly high mortgages – but we’re getting better at paying them off. The most recent numbers from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation finds mortgage defaults are on the decline, while the average buyer credit score is rising.

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Home Renos to Boom as Prices Rise

Housing certainly isn’t getting any cheaper in Canada – especially in the highest-demand urban markets. A lack of affordable options  is leading many would-be buyers to renovate their existing homes instead of trading in for a new one. And, all these at-home improvements are leading to a boom in the renovation industry.

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Credit Cards: Should You Share Your Credit Card?

Is it ever a good idea to share your credit card? Co-signed and supplementary cards are an effective way to provide others with credit – but there could be consequences for your own score.

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Personal Finance: Meet the Mobile Wallet Competition

Apple Pay may have made a media splash by launching in Canada earlier this month, but there are other mobile payment apps available in Canada. Read on to learn more about them.

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Credit Cards: Credit vs. Debit – Know the Difference

Credit vs debit cards – which should you use at the till? Spending power aside, there are a few key differences. Here’s what shoppers should know.

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